XP beads and AP potions are essential to moving the game along at a decent pace and leveling characters. You will get a good few of them as login rewards or from events, and can supplement that count by buying more from the Friend Point exchange or event booths.

This page lists specific one-time ways to get the items; for information on how the items are usually available follow the link to their individual pages.

AP PotionsEdit

To use AP potions, either try to begin a quest with negative AP and follow the game's prompts, or go to Equipment -> Items -> Consumables and tap the potion, select Use, and select Yes.


Acquired from

Effect Rarity
Small Stamina Potion Small Stamina Potion x10 from Challenge Panel 1 "Follow a Player" Recovers 30 AP ★☆☆
Medium Stamina Potion Medium Stamina Potion x2 from Login Bonus day 15
x10 from Challenge Panel 2 "Upgrade action skill"
x10 from Challenge Panel 3 "Reach Player Rank 30"
Recovers 100 AP ★★☆
Large Stamina Potion Large Stamina Potion x5 from Login Bonus day 2

x5 from Login Bonus day 11

Recovers 300 AP ★★★

XP BeadsEdit

To use XP Beads, select a character and then select the XP Bead tab at the top. Use the arrows beside different types of XP beads to choose the combination of XP Beads you would like to use, and then apply with the Use button at the bottom.


Acquired from

Effect Rarity
Small XP Bead Small XP Bead Grants 1,000 XP ★☆☆
Medium XP Bead Medium XP Bead x40 from Login Bonus day 4 Grants 10,000 XP ★☆☆
Large XP Bead Large XP Bead x5 from Login Bonus day 13 Grants 100,000 XP ★★☆
Huge XP Bead Huge XP Bead Grants 1,000,000 XP ★★★
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