Weapon StatusEdit

Info 06

1. Icon and Rarity
The number next to the star mark represents its rarity. The larger number is, the higher the rarity. In general this means a 'better' weapon, though this can vary based on the situation. Rarities are from 1 to 6 stars. The square in the lower right of the icon indicates what type of weapon it is:

The square will flash between the weapon icon and the weapon's innate element, if any. The innate element is also shown in #4.

2. Weapon Name

3. Weapon Level
Represents the current and maximum levels of the weapon. The blue gauge represents its current experience amount. When the gauge is full, the weapon's level will increase, which means higher stats.

4. Element
The weapon's element. If there is no icon here, the weapon does not have an element and is considered neutral. The elements are as follows:

  • Flame Flame
  • Ice Ice
  • Lightning Lightning
  • Holy Holy
  • Dark Dark
  • Neutral Neutral

Note that 'Neutral' does not have an icon or indicator in-game, but this icon has been created to denote that an item does not have an element.

5. Limit Break
By limit breaking an item, its maximum level will rise by five. Depending on the weapon's rarity, the weapon can be limit broken to a different maximum level.

6. Stats
The statistics granted by the weapon. In order: HP, Physical Attack, Magical Attack, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Guard Rate. Your main weapon will grant 100% of its stats to you, and sub-weapons will grant half of their stats to you. Only your main weapon's guard rate will apply. Regarding guard rates, the PhysicalGuard Physical and MagicalGuard Magical Defense icons will tell you which type of damage the weapon guards against.

7. Tempering Level
The current and the maximum tempering levels of the weapon. By tempering a weapon, its attack will rise. Different rarities of weapon have different max tempering levels.

Rarity Max Tempering Lvl.
1* 10
2* 20
3* 30
4* 40
5* 50
6* 60

8. Stat Release Condition
If the character the weapon is equipped on meets this condition, the weapon's stats will rise.

9. Action Skill
The weapon's action skill that can be used during combat. If you long press the name, you can see additional information.

10. Special Skills
Special skills are passive skills that are gained by equipping the weapon. If you long press the name, you can see additional information.

11. Equipped Character
The character that the weapon is currently equipped to.

12. Weapon Enhancement
reinforced synthetic button by tapping, open the reinforced synthetic screen intended for the weapon.

13. Lock Button
You can tap this to toggle the lock for your weapon. While locked, you won't be able to accidentally sell the item or use it for enhancements.