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Valkyrie Ceryl is a playable character obtainable by trading the artifact Mystery Shield to Odin. It can be acquired through limited-time gacha banners.

She has a special version (Valkyrie Ceryl★) with alternate art that can be obtained if the artifact Mystery Shield★ is obtained and offered to Odin. The normal and starred versions can both be used in the same party and are leveled and enhanced independently but are otherwise identical mechanically. The starred version also uses a different exclusive orb with a star after the name, so be certain to get the orb that matches your version of Valkyrie Ceryl.

Story Edit

Ceryl as a Valkyrie Awakened.
~ In-game profile

Gameplay Edit

Blue Cadence of the Soul
Greatly increase Physical Attack, and greatly increase damage done by Lightning and Holy elements.
White Endwar
Increase damage dealt by all attacks, and increase all stats.
Black Gleaming Torus
[All] Greatly increase Physical and Magical Attack for all allies, and gain resistance against Status Ailments.
Party Skill HL.Dance
Physical Neutral
Nibelung Valesti
Lskill Limited Skill: Reincarnation
Once per battle after turn 3. Greatly increase own Lightning and Holy Action Skill damage.
Recharge: 0
Eskill Silver Enchant Skill: Holy Spirit
For 1 turn, increase user's Holy Purify Attack damage by 30%. Can only be used twice per battle.
Recharge: 1Scrolls: Silver

Name Type Ele. Dir. Hits
Rapid Rush Physical Neutral Forward 5
Pain Gritter Physical Neutral Forward 6
Raise Fire Physical Neutral Forward 5
Pain Gritter Physical Neutral Forward 6
Raise Fire Physical Neutral Forward 5
Default Attacks 3

Exclusive Orb: Orb of Godly Order
Level 99 stats
HP Phys. Atk. Mag. Atk. Phys. Def. Mag. Def.
7560 4534 1132 1288 1235
Sergeant Protect Omni Sergeant Protect Omni
Increases Defense of all (~8%).


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