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Valkyrie Aurora is a playable character that can be obtained by offering the artifact Violet Star Shield to Odin. It can be obtained from limited-time gacha banners.

Story Edit

Became a Valkyrie by Muninn's decree. Despises humans due to the loss of her brother.
~ In-game profile

Gameplay Edit

Red Cadence of the Soul (Aurora)
Greatly increase Magic, and increase damage done by lightning.
Black Baptized in Blood
Greatly increase damage of all attacks, and heal on Critical Hits.
Blue A Promise Forgotten
Mitigate incoming damage, and increase damage dealt by Lightning.
Party Skill Wisdom
Magical Lightning
Nibelung Valesti
Lskill Limited Skill: Riposte Aroma
Sacrifice 3 attacks to activate. All allies recover from all status ailments and slightly recover HP.
Recharge: 4
Eskill Silver Enchant Skill: ASAssist:Lightning
For 1 turn, increase user's Lightning Action Skill damage by 10%. Can only be used twice per battle.
Recharge: 1Scrolls: Silver

Name Type Ele. Dir. Hits
Soul Plate Magical Lightning Up 5
Shiny Blast Magical Lightning Forward 9
Plasma Shell Magical Lightning Forward 4
Shiny Blast Magical Lightning Forward 9
Plasma Shell Magical Lightning Forward 4
Default Attacks 3

Exclusive Orb: Orb of Vivid Stars
Level 99 stats
HP Phys. Atk. Mag. Atk. Phys. Def. Mag. Def.
7231 1133 4530 1132 1342
Lightning Spirit Omni Lightning Spirit Omni
All characters' lightning damage increases when Purify Gauge is 2 or above at the start of the turn.


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