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Valkyrie Anatomia Global is shutting down on August 31st, but the Japanese version is continuing to operate. There are many differences between the versions and it will take us some time to update the wiki to reflect them. Please hang in there while the dust settles.

See below for information on how YOU can help preserve Global content even without wiki editing experience or even an account!

Global Preservation Project

The Google spreadsheet will be updated with information from all sources.
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2020 August 31
  • Global service ends. The Japanese version will still be available.
2020 August 3
2020 July 30
2020 July 28
2020 July 23
2020 July 21
2020 July 15
2020 July 13


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This wiki needs a lot of work to maintain it up to date and add more info. If you wish to help us you can easily do so!

  • If you don't know how to edit pages, don't worry! You can always simply leave a comment under the page and someone will help and add info.
  • We are missing the level 99 stats for some characters.
  • We are missing stats or images for some weapons. If you have them, please share with us!
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