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The game has finally been released in English! (Download for iOS or Android) Most information on this wiki was added from the Japanese version, so it contains content and information that may not apply to the English release of the game. Please feel free to help update the wiki for the English release via direct edits or comments!


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  • ...Qilin is the first global-exclusive character in the game?
  • ...Party Assist auto prefers rarity over quality, so setting it manually can boost your power significantly?
  • ...Aemo has only 2 default attacks in JP version, but her Global version starts with 3?
  • can gain maximum 35 support points per day, but you won't be able to hoard more than 500 pts total?


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2020 February 14
2020 February 10
2020 February 6
2020 February 4


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