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Valkyrie Anatomia is a mobile role-playing game that serves as a prequel to the classic Valkyrie Profile series. This wiki is an English-language resource that preserves elements of its former Global release and aids players of the ongoing Japanese version. There are many differences between the versions and it will take us some time to update the wiki to reflect them after the Global shudown. Please hang in there while the dust settles!


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What's Next?

The wiki will be continuing to operate based on the Japanese version. It will take time to update everything. Some plans:

  • Add Japan-only characters
  • Add Japan-only weapons
  • Verify that character/weapon info on existing pages is accurate for JP
  • Update game guides to match JP version more closely
  • Add preserved videos to Event/Character pages
  • Eventually resume Event guides

There are no plans to translate story content at this time due to the sheer amount of work that needs to be done.

If you would like to request that a specific piece of content be added/verified before others, let us know in the discussion forums or on a relevant page's comments.

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