Valkyrie Anatomia Wikia
Welcome to the Valkyrie Anatomia Wiki

Valkyrie Anatomia was a mobile role-playing game that served as a prequel to the classic Valkyrie Profile JRPG series. This wiki is an English-language resource that preserves elements of its English and Japanese releases.

What's Next?

The game may be offline, but we have many things saved to add to the wiki as we find time. This includes:

  • Collaboration characters
  • Weapon stats/icons
  • Character art
  • Japanese character titles
  • Costumes and Attachments
  • Improvements to story navigation
  • Event information

At some point we will be making a pass to ensure that the following pages have as much English and Japanese video as possible:

  • Main Story chapters
  • Side Story chapters
  • Character recruitment stories
  • Events

There is already a Main Story Video Gallery. We may do something similar for Side Stories/Recruitment Stories in the future if we can organize them in a way that isn't too unwieldy.

If you have other requests please let us know and we will preserve what is possible.

Thank you for supporting the series and the wiki!

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