Valhalla Tower Banner

Valhalla Tower is a recurring type of Event. There is almost always a Valhalla Tower event up, and they usually last a month. They usually cost very little AP per level, especially on the lower floors, so are good for using up your final bits of AP before sleep or work or school.

Each level consists of three platforms, and the only enemy is a boss. Each floor will give you 10 Gems on the first clear, along with a one-time reward. Some of the significant rewards are weapon limit breakers, rainbow books for limit breaking characters, gold and silver gacha tickets, unique orbs (usually 2 or 3 per event) and wood and iron rings for leveling artifacts. Recommended strength levels range from 1,500 to 81,500 depending on floor, and usually increase by 1,000 power per floor.

This is a sample table of loot from the first Valhalla Tower event. This is not the loot table for the current event.

Quest Rec.


1階 1500 Small Stamina Potion x3
2階 3000 Gold Ticket Scrap
3階 4500 Small XP Bead
4階 6000 3* Weapon Limit Breaker
5階 7500 3* Orb of the Hero (Iron Fist)
6階 9000 4* Tempering Stone
7階 10500 3* Orb of the Hero (Hard Body)
8階 12000 Rainbow Key x10
9階 13500 4* Orb of Exploration (All Up, Fatal Blow)
10階 15000 Small Stamina Potion x3
11階 16000 4* Orb of Transformation (All Up II, Heat Up)
12階 17000 Gold Ticket Scrap
13階 18000 4* Orb of Strength (Iron Fist III)
14階 19000 Medium XP Bead
15階 20000 4* Weapon Limit Breaker
16階 21000 4* Orb of Lightning Avoidance (Defend Lightning)
17階 22000 5* Tempering Stone
18階 23000 Rainbow Key x10
19階 24000 Small Stamina Potion x5
20階 25000 5* Orb of Exploration (Shoot Off, Striking)
21階 26000 Gold Weapon Ticket
22階 27000 Medium XP Bead
23階 28000 5* Heartbeat Orb (Heartbeat)
24階 29000 4* Weapon Limit Breaker
25階 30000 Wood Ring
26階 31000 6* Inheritance Orb (Hard Body II, True Guard)
27階 32000 Rainbow Key x10
28階 33000 Small Stamina Potion x5
29階 34000 Gold Ticket Scrap
30階 35000 6* Weapon Limit Breaker
31階 36000 Large XP Bead
32階 37000 5* Weapon Limit Breaker
33階 38000 6* Tempering Stone
34階 39000 Rainbow Key x20
35階 40000 7* Orb of Inheritance (Non-Elemental, Weak Slayer)
36階 41000 Gold Ticket Scrap
37階 42000 Large XP Bead
38階 43000 5* Weapon Limit Breaker
39階 44000 6* Tempering Stone
40階 45000 Iron Ring
41階 46000 Rainbow Key x30
42階 47000 Gold Ticket Scrap
43階 48000 Large XP Bead
44階 49000 6* Weapon Limit Breaker
45階 50000 Silver Weapon Ticket x3
46階 51000 Rainbow Key x50
47階 52000 Wood Ring
48階 53000 Gold Ticket Scrap
49階 54000 Large XP Bead
最上階 55000 Bronze Ring