Thor Hero
The featured character for this event is Thor, who can be swapped into the same party slot as Lenneth, Lenneth F, Norn, and Hrist. To obtain him, you must earn 1,000 Gold Odin Medallions and purchase the artifact, the Thunder God Bow, from the event shop. You must level it as usual using rings, as described on the artifact page. Certain weapons will give a point multiplier so that you earn more points per AP, and overkilling an enemy can make it drop red crystals that multiply the amount of points received during battle.

The higher ranking you get in the event, the more Odin medals you will receive at the end of the event. You can either use them in the shop within the following week or carry over for future events.

Enemies in this event are weak to Flame and Holy characters and weapons.


Defense of Valhalla 01

In this event, you can earn Odin Medals to spend in the event shop. You can access the shop by selecting the blue button in the bottom right corner, which is not present in this screenshot taken from the event help file. You can read more about the shop and offered items at the bottom of this page.

1: War progress gauge
Represents the balance of power between players and enemies. Red represents enemy forces, and blue represents player forces. The blue gauge fills by completing event quests and battle orders. The red gauge grows as time goes on. The gauge's balance at the end of the event determines the overall rewards that all participants will receive, in addition to rewards gained from rank.

2: Your own contribution
Your own contribution is increased by doing quests. Players that place in the top ranks of the events will earn extra Odin Medals to spend in the shop.

3: Time remaining in the event
The amount of time remaining in the event. There is no need to read Japanese - you can simply refer to the fact that the event ends on August 8th. If you need more detailed information, 日 is days, 時 is hours, and 分 is minutes.

4: Access event quests
The more difficult the quest, the more contribution points earned. You can choose one route for each run of a quest - the route with normal enemies, or the route with bosses. The boss routes are more difficult, but will reward more XP and Odin Medals, as well as the Odin Medals generally being of higher quality.

English Japanese AP Rec. ATK
War of Attrition 1 補給戦1 2 6000
War of Attrition 2 補給戦2 2 9000
War of Attrition 3 補給戦3 2 12000
The Frontline 1 前線1 3 15000
The Frontline 2 前線2 3 17800
The Frontline 3 前線3 3 21000
At the Forefront 1 最前線1 4 24000
At the Forefront 2 最前線2 4 26000
At the Forefront 3 最前線3 4 29000
The Battleground 激戦区 5 35000

5: View your ranking

Defense of Valhalla 02
This will lead to the rankings page. Your rank is displayed on the right in large text, with your total amount of points below. Ranks are sometimes tied due to equivalent amounts of points.

6: View orders
Orders are event-related tasks given to accomplish each day. By completing them you can earn reward items and contribution points.

7: Reward screen
This is a list of game-wide rewards that all participants will earn, which will fluctuate with how many orders and event quests are done each day. The list is updated every 10 minutes.


Defense of Valhalla 03

1: Order list
The name of your current order list.

2: Order percentage
The percentage of tasks of the selected order list that you have completed.

3: Order reward
The special reward you will get for completing your current list of orders.

4: Orders
The orders themselves, with the conditions on top and your progress on the bottom.

5: View other orders
You can check the other lists of orders by tapping these arrows.

Order List 1: +

  • Earn 300 points
  • Get a 10-hit combo

Reward: 4★ Ferric Sword, a Heavy Sword with a slayer bonus. You can obtain extra copies in Order 4 and in the shop if you'd like to limit break it or put it on another character as well.

Order List 2: +

  • Earn 2000 points
  • Get a 20-hit combo

Reward: Stamina Potion Small Recovery Potion (30 AP) x5

Order List 3: +

  • Earn 5000 points
  • Get a 30-hit combo

Reward: Gem 100 Gems

Order List 4: +

  • Earn 8,000 points
  • Get a 35-hit combo

Reward: 4★ Ferric Sword, a Heavy Sword with a slayer bonus. You can obtain extra copies in Order 1 and in the shop if you'd like to limit break it or put it on another character as well.

Order List 5: +

  • Earn 15,000 points
  • Get a 40-hit combo

Reward: Silver Weapon Ticket Scrap x1

Slayer WeaponsEdit

By equipping a slayer weapon as your main weapon, the amount of contribution points that you get upon clearing a quest will rise. By limit breaking a slayer weapon, the point bonus will increase even further. Slayer weapons deal increased damage to event enemies. Certain slayer weapons grant more points than others.

The two 6* weapons from the event gacha reward heavy amounts of extra points. There is a 5* Light Sword that can come from the gacha as well. The Ferric Sword is a reward for the 1st and 4th orders, with a bonus copy in the item shop. You can also buy the Crimson Garnet Crest in the item shop. If in doubt, check the icon - for the duration of the event, all slayer weapons are marked with the characters 特攻 in gold on the left-hand side.

Rarity Base Bonus Bonus per Limit Break
4★ +10% +10%
5★ +20% +20%
6★ +50% +50%
Icon Name Japanese Name Obtain Method
Rose Nephele Rose Nephele 神剣ロウスネフェウス Event Gacha
Burnscatter Burnscatter 焔弓バーンスクラッター Event Gacha
Ataraxia Ataraxia 命剣アタラクシャブレード Event Gacha
Crimson Garnet Crest Crimson Garnet Crest 紅杖ガーネットクレスト Event Gacha
Item Shop
Ferric Sword Ferric Sword フェリックソード Order 1
Order 4
Item Shop


The following items can be purchased for the amount of Odin Medallions shown. There is a max limit for each item but gold, which is indicated in the second column.

Japanese Name Max Trades Gold Coin Silver Coin Bronze Coin
Thunder God Bow 雷神の弓 1 1000 0 0
Saint Halberd セントハルバート 1 1000 0 0
Thread of Fatum スレッドオブファートゥム 1 1000 0 0
6* Weapon Limit Breaker 覚醒の琥珀 1 360 0 0
Bronze Ring ブロンズリング 1 320 0 0
Iron Ring アイアンリング 1 180 0 0
Wood Ring ウッドリング 5 60 0 0
Gold Weapon Ticket Scrap 武器生成チケット:金の紙片 5 60 0 0
Crimson Garnet Crest 紅杖ガーネットクレスト 6 0 80 800
Ferric Sword フェリックソード 3 0 40 400
Gold Weapon Ticket Scrap 武器生成チケット:金の紙片 2 0 30 300
Silver Weapon Ticket 武器生成チケット:銀 3 0 20 200
Small Stamina Potion 活力の霊薬・小 30 0 0 100
6* Weapon Limit Breaker 覚醒の琥珀 3 0 180 1800
5* Weapon Limit Breaker 覚醒の真珠 3 0 120 1200
4* Short Sword Hammer スティールハンマー・剣 10 0 5 0
3* Short Sword Hammer カッパーハンマー・剣 20 0 0 20
2* Short Sword Hammer アイアンハンマー・剣 30 0 0 10
1* Short Sword Hammer ウッドハンマー・剣 50 0 0 5
4* Heavy Sword Hammer スティールハンマー・大剣 10 0 5 0
3* Heavy Sword Hammer カッパーハンマー・大剣 20 0 0 20
2* Heavy Sword Hammer アイアンハンマー・大剣 30 0 0 10
1* Heavy Sword Hammer ウッドハンマー・大剣 50 0 0 5
4* Bow Hammer スティールハンマー・弓 10 0 5 0
3* Bow Hammer カッパーハンマー・弓 20 0 0 20
2* Bow Hammer アイアンハンマー・弓 30 0 0 10
1* Bow Hammer ウッドハンマー・弓 50 0 0 5
4* Staff Hammer スティールハンマー・杖 10 0 5 0
3* Staff Hammer カッパーハンマー・杖 20 0 0 20
2* Staff Hammer アイアンハンマー・杖 30 0 0 10
1* Staff Hammer ウッドハンマー・杖 50 0 0 5
Limit Break Book II 名もなき英雄の記憶Ⅱ 10 0 5 0
Limit Break Book I 名もなき英雄の記憶Ⅰ 10 0 0 15
Silver Odin Medallion x10 銀のメダル:第3回防衛戦10枚 30 0 0 100
Rainbow Key 虹の鍵 99 0 0 100
5000 Gold 金貨5000 99 0 0 100