Norn Introduction

Norn Introduction

The big reward of this event is Norn, who can be swapped into the same party slot as Lenneth and Lenneth F. To obtain her, you must be one of the top players in a ranking system determined by how many points you win from event quests. The top 10,000 will get the artifact that can unlock her. Players that achieve higher ranks can level the artifact faster. Certain weapons will give a point multiplier so that you earn more points per AP.
Update: Norn's artifact Thread of Fatum must be leveled to its max level of 10 to unlock the quest that gives her as a reward. Not everyone that received the artifact also received the rings that are the exclusive method of leveling the item. Square Enix has stated that there will be additional methods in the future to acquire these.

Basic UIEdit

Defense of Valhalla 01

1: War progress gauge
Represents the balance of power between players and enemies. Red represents enemy forces, and blue represents player forces. The blue gauge fills by completing event quests and battle orders. The red gauge grows as time goes on. The gauge's balance at the end of the event determines the overall rewards that all participants will receive, in addition to rewards gained from rank.

2: Your own contribution
Your own contribution is increased by doing quests. You can only obtain a copy of Norn if you rank in the top 10,000 players, based on the score in this field.

3: Time remaining in the event
The amount of time remaining in the event. There is no need to read Japanese - you can simply refer to the fact that the event ends at the end of May. If you need more detailed information, 日 is days, 時 is hours, and 分 is minutes.

4: Access event quests
The more difficult the quest, the more contribution points earned.

Event Quests
Name Level AP Points
初級 10 2 10
中級 20 3 30
上級 30 4 60
極級 45 5 100

5: View your ranking

Defense of Valhalla 02
This will lead to the rankings page. Your rank is displayed on the right in large text, with your total amount of points below. Ranks are sometimes tied due to equivalent amounts of points.

6: View orders
Orders are event-related tasks given to accomplish each day. By completing them you can earn reward items and contribution points.

7: Reward screen
This seems to be a list of game-wide rewards that all participants will earn, which will fluctuate with how many orders and event quests are done each day. The list is updated every 10 minutes.


Defense of Valhalla 03

1: Order list
The name of your current order list.

2: Order percentage
The percentage of tasks of the selected order list that you have completed.

3: Order reward
The special reward you will get for completing your current list of orders.

4: Orders
The orders themselves, with the conditions on top and your progress on the bottom.

5: View other orders
You can check the full list of orders here as they are unlocked over the course of the campaign. You can complete them all by the time the event has finished.

Order List 1: +

  • Earn 100 points
  • Clear the level 10 event quest once
  • Perform 20 combos
  • Kill 30 opponents

Reward: 4★ Brutish Edge, a heavy sword with the Slayer bonus

Order List 2: +

  • Earn 500 points
  • Clear the level 20 event quest once
  • Slay one Icy Giant (search on the upper right treasure platform of the level 20 event quest)
  • Kill 50 opponents

Reward: Gold 30,000

Order List 3: +

  • Earn 1000 points
  • Clear the level 30 event quest once
  • Perform 30 combos
  • Kill 20 Valhalla Eaters (enemies found in the level 30 event quest)

Reward: Stamina Potion Small Recovery Potion (30 AP) x5

Order List 4: +

  • Earn 1500 points
  • Clear the level 45 event quest once
  • Perform 40 combos
  • Kill 50 enemies

Reward: SilverWeaponDrawTicket Silver Weapon Draw Ticket

Order List 5: +

Since we don't have standardized names for all enemies yet, the simplest instruction for this is to completely clear the level 30 quest once, including all of the red enemies.
Reward: Gold Weapon Draw Ticket

Slayer WeaponsEdit

Certain slayer weapons grant more progress and points than others. By equipping a slayer weapon as your main weapon, the amount of contribution points that you get upon clearing a quest will rise. By limit breaking a slayer weapon, the point bonus will increase even further.

Note: As we do not yet have a weapon template, this will link out to one of the Japanese wikis where possible.

Slayer Weapons
Albert (Weapon) Icon 4★ Albert Alpha Bard Icon 5★ Alpha Bard
Unknown Square 4★ Brutish Edge Unknown Square 5★ Hrunting
Unknown Square 5★ Mistilteinn Hrunting Icon 6★ Hrunting
Mistilteinn Icon 6★ Mistilteinn
Rarity Bonus Additional Bonus per Limit Break
4★ +10% +10%
5★ +50% +10%
6★ +100% None