Tyr's Battle Arena is a PVP game mode where players can fight with other players in auto-battles. It is available one week per month and is unlocked after clearing Goddess of Fate 5. To access Tyr's Battle Arena, tap 'Divine Phase' on the main screen and select 'Tyr's Battle Arena'.

Winning battles gives Ranking Points. Ranking Points give Grade and Grade Points at the end of a season. Seasons are one week long.

Party SetupEdit


Element Advantages & Disadvantages

The party has 4 characters in this mode. It's possible to make a party with or without a leader in it. Player also can choose one element as Boosted. If characters are of the same element as it their damage will be boosted.


Battle is fought automatically. It lasts no more than 5 turns, or until one party has no HP left. Each character can perform either a normal attack or their action skill. The higher the action skill level, the higher the chance to activate the skill.

Turn order depends on initiative at the beginning of the battle. Initiative is equal to number of unlocked additional attacks for current party members. The player with higher initiative gets the first attack, which can make or break a close fight.

The party with more HP left is considered the winner. If you win you get Ranking points and Fruit of Idunn. If you lose, you get only Fruit of Idunn.

Active BonusEdit

There are different bonuses a party can get depending on the setup:

  • Three/Four characters of the same element you selected as imbued: +50/+100 Ranking Points
  • Three/Four Characters Use LE Weapon as Main: +50/+100 Ranking Points
  • Three/Four characters with AS5 weapons as main: +50/+100 Ranking Points
  • Three/Four characters with 50+ Potential Force Nodes Unleashed: +1/+2 Fruit of Idunn

Ranking and GradesEdit

Every day, the player receives points for their five highest-scored rounds. They are added together for total ranking score. This score will determine the player's Grade score and Grade at the end of the season. The Grade determines how many Gems and Fruit of Idunn are awarded at the end of the season.

After the season ends, you are awarded a grade based on your points and ranking. High ranks will have their number of points reduced to put players on a more even playing field at the start of the next season. Below is a chart of the required points and ranking percentile to reach a rank and the number of points that will be deducted at the end of a season:

Grade Required Points Reduced Points Required Placement
Tyr 3500 250 Top 1%
Master IX 3500 250 Top 3%
Master VIII 3500 250 Top 6%
Master VII 3500 250 Top 10%
Master VI 3500 250 Top 15%
Master V 3500 250 Top 20%
Master IV 3500 250 Top 30%
Master III 3500 250 Top 40%
Master II 3500 250 Top 50%
Master I 3500 250 Top 100%
Platinum 2750 250
Mythril 2625 250
Gold V 2500 250
Gold IV 2300 230
Gold III 2100 210
Gold II 1900 190
Gold I 1700 170
Silver V 1500 0
Silver IV 1300 0
Silver III 1100 0
Silver II 900 0
Silver I 700 0
Bronze V 500 0
Bronze VI 300 0
Bronze III 150 0
Bronze II 50 0
Bronze I 0 0

Rewards Edit

At the end of the week-long seasons, you will receive Gems and Fruits of Idunn based on your ranking. Fruits of Idunn can be spent in the Tyr's Battle Arena Exchange Booth (accessible at any time of the month). It has many Weapon Upgrade Items and Character Potential Items available at a reasonable price, such as Legendary Rainbow Stones, Awakening Ambers and Garnets, XP beads, Gold and Silver Bangles, Odin Medals, weapon hammers, and gacha tickets. It is also one of the only places you can get a Perfect Sphere, which massively boosts XP acquisition for a day.


There is one season a month, which is one week long. Imbued characters gain extra Fruit of Idunn (amount varies by character but is usually +3 or +5).

Dates Imbued Characters
March 12-19, 2020 Black Valkyrie, Destruction Angel Iseria, Shakugan, YoRHa No.2 Type B
April 9-16, 2020 Jayle, Jun, Queen of Niflheim Hel, Sacred Light Valkyrie, Victory Goddess Freya
May 14-21, 2020 Belenus, Crimson Dragon Aelia, Dark Flower Sennah, Darkness Mystina, Demon Alphio, Kaede, Little Match Girl Alice, Master Loki, Queen of Winter Hrist, Shakugan, Underworld Liu, Valkyrie Alice, Waraxe Kokuyō
June 11-18, 2020 Ailyth the Shackled, Awakened Lenneth, Blessed Silmeria, Bride Alicia, Creation Valkyrie, Eventide Hakurei, Garm Ailyth, Sacred Light Valkyrie, Silver-Haired Bride, Skuld, Spring Goddess Norn, Summer Hakurei, Summer Leny, Summer Valkyrie Alicia, Valkyrie Alicia, Victory Goddess Freya
July 16-23, 2020 Fair Maiden Silmeria, False Ashen God, High Handed Jelanda, Summer Ailyth, Transcendental Dusktide
July 30-August 5, 2020[1] Sacred Light Valkyrie, Transcendental Dusktide, Valkyrie Ceryl
  1. Repeated several times to give users extra arena currency and Gems in the final month of Global
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