There's a lot of UI to cover in this game - so let's get started with the basic "top" menu, which you'll use as a starting point for most features.


  1. Main Story and Side Stories
  2. PvP
  3. Events, Daily Dungeons, and Seraphic Gates.
  4. Options
  5. Brings you to this menu from anywhere in the UI.
  6. Main Menu. Used to access the Character UI, Weapon UI, and Orb UI
  7. Weapon Draw/Gacha
  8. Cash Shop and expansion of weapon/orb limits.
  9. The medallion appears if you have a Normal Mission or Daily Mission completed. A treasure chest appears when you have items to pick up from daily login bonuses, missions, or events.
  10. Change the character your friends can use in combat. It is recommended that you place your strongest character here - and keep their weapon in mind, as the skills your friends can use are based on your weapon.
  11. Banner listing current Events and promotions.

The row along the top shows, from left to right: the name of the menu you are on, your Rank, the amount of AP you have, the amount of Gold you have, and the amount of Gems (premium currency) you have.

Note: the gear beside your Gem count is used as a back button throughout the UI. If you ever need to return to the previous screen, this is how you do it.