Titles in-game are available to be equipped by players to show them off to others. They don't give any bonuses and are just for flavor and bragging rights. To equip one, tap the button directly below your favorite character on the main screen. Pick the title you want, then tap the red button to set it as your active title. Only one title can be equipped at a time.

If you happen to know one of the still-missing titles from Global, please share so we can fill it in!

Mission TitlesEdit

These are gained from one-time Missions and aren't tied to a specific character.

Title Requirements
Chooser of the Slain Player Rank 10
Protector of the Divine Realm Player Rank 30
Divine Ascender Player Rank 50
Beyond Divine Player Rank 100
Weaponsmith Enhance weapons a total of 1,000 times
Enhance weapons a total of 100,000 times
Orb Collector Enhance orbs a total of 1,000 times
Enhance orbs a total of 100,000 times
Rumored Master Swordsman Defeat 10,000 enemies
Valhalla Elite Defeat 100,000 enemies
Divine Warrior Achieve Divinity Rank 4 (PvP)
Divine Expert Achieve Divinity Rank 3 (PvP)
Divine Adept Achieve Divinity Rank 2 (PvP)
Divine Master Achieve Divinity Rank 1 (PvP)
Divine Hero Achieve PvP Divinity Rank "Brave One"
Divine Commander Achieve PvP Divinity Rank "The Commander"
Divine Ruler Achieve PvP Divinity Rank "The Victor"

Character TitlesEdit

There are titles for leveling each character to level 50 and 99. They are given from achievement list "Grand Missions". If character is soul-sublimated back to level 1 acquired titles stay with player.

Note: This table updates automatically when title information is added to character pages.

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Title Character
My Mark on the WorldReach level 50 with Abel
Eternally RebelliousReach level 99 with Abel
Vermilion DragonReach level 50 with Aelia
Dragonifying PleasureReach level 99 with Aelia
ForeshadowingReach level 50 with Aemo
Eternal IdolReach level 99 with Aemo
The Twisted MessengerReach level 50 with Ailyth
Maid of DarknessReach level 99 with Ailyth
Two FaceReach level 50 with Ailyth the Shackled
Bondage ChainsReach level 99 with Ailyth the Shackled
Loki FamiliaReach level 50 with Ais Wallenstein
Sword PrincessReach level 99 with Ais Wallenstein
A11-C EditionReach level 50 with Alice
Not BadReach level 99 with Alice
Great IntentionsReach level 50 with Alicia
Faraway PrincessReach level 99 with Alicia
Veteran ExorcistReach level 50 with Alphio
Thirst for BloodReach level 99 with Alphio
Armor of the SanctionedReach level 50 with Alphonse Elric
Boy's SoulReach level 99 with Alphonse Elric
Hellfire SwordsmanReach level 50 with Altveer
BrotherhoodReach level 99 with Altveer
SuccubusReach level 50 with Amelia
One Last DreamReach level 99 with Amelia
All-Powerful MageReach level 50 with Anelian
Mind's EyeReach level 99 with Anelian
Black-Winged ValkyrieReach level 50 with Arbiter Hrist
Ultimate DevotionReach level 99 with Arbiter Hrist
Eternal MercenaryReach level 50 with Arngrim
Unrivaled MercenaryReach level 99 with Arngrim
Indomitable MercenaryReach level 50 with Arngrim F
Relentless FuryReach level 99 with Arngrim F
White LanceReach level 50 with Awakened Lenneth
Chooser of LifeReach level 99 with Awakened Lenneth
New WingsReach level 50 with Awakened Lenneth★
Dispeller of DarknessReach level 99 with Awakened Lenneth★
Black AngelReach level 50 with Awakened Valkyrie Alice
Supreme BeingReach level 99 with Awakened Valkyrie Alice
Hawk EyeReach level 50 with Bedelia
EvergreenReach level 99 with Bedelia
Chief GuardReach level 50 with Belenus
Elegant SwordsmanReach level 99 with Belenus
Black ObsessionReach level 50 with Black Valkyrie
The Image of a MaidenReach level 99 with Black Valkyrie
BridesmaidReach level 50 with Blessed Silmeria
Blessed AngelReach level 99 with Blessed Silmeria
Justice FistReach level 50 with Brahms
Undead LordReach level 99 with Brahms
Like Becomes LoveReach level 50 with Bride Alicia
My WifeReach level 99 with Bride Alicia
Transient PersonalityReach level 50 with Calamity God Lezard
UsurperReach level 99 with Calamity God Lezard
Master SwordsmanReach level 50 with Caradoc
Sennah's MasterReach level 99 with Caradoc
AbsolutionReach level 50 with Celestial Armor Wylfred
A New PathReach level 99 with Celestial Armor Wylfred
Reindeer GirlReach level 50 with Christmas Frei
Holy Night DelivererReach level 99 with Christmas Frei
Holy Night BeautyReach level 50 with Christmas Freya
Draped in StarlightReach level 50 with Christmas Norn
Descended AngelReach level 99 with Christmas Norn
Castaway from SpaceReach level 50 with Cliff
Captain of the EagleReach level 99 with Cliff
Dragon HunterReach level 50 with Cloe
Dragoon SistersReach level 99 with Cloe
Divine CreatorReach level 50 with Creation Valkyrie
Chooser of the BelovedReach level 99 with Creation Valkyrie
Weaved in RedReach level 50 with Crimson Dragon Aelia
Dragon RedReach level 99 with Crimson Dragon Aelia
NecromanticReach level 50 with Daline
Amorous CorpseReach level 99 with Daline
Bloody FlowerReach level 50 with Dark Flower Sennah
Beyond the HorizonReach level 99 with Dark Flower Sennah
TransformerReach level 50 with Darkness Mystina
EgoistReach level 99 with Darkness Mystina
Rampaging BloodReach level 50 with Demon Alphio
Unwanted ClosureReach level 99 with Demon Alphio
Six-Winged AngelReach level 50 with Destruction Angel Iseria
Angel of Ultimate DestructionReach level 99 with Destruction Angel Iseria
Death AngelReach level 50 with Destruction Angel Iseria★
MaskReach level 50 with Destruction God Loki
Root of All EvilReach level 99 with Destruction God Loki
Divine KnightReach level 50 with Divine Knight Alicia
I Stand With the GoddessReach level 99 with Divine Knight Alicia
★Divine KnightReach level 50 with Divine Knight Alicia★
★I Stand With the GoddessReach level 99 with Divine Knight Alicia★
Fullmetal AlchemistReach level 50 with Edward Elric
Pea-sized DestructiveReach level 99 with Edward Elric
Maiden VictoriousReach level 50 with Elle
Gentle CommanderReach level 99 with Elle
Queen of the Holy CaveReach level 50 with Ethereal Queen
Ultimate Destructive AngelReach level 99 with Ethereal Queen
A White Blade DanceReach level 50 with Eventide Hakurei
Awakened Battle MaidenReach level 99 with Eventide Hakurei
★A White Blade DanceReach level 50 with Eventide Hakurei★
★Awakened Battle MaidenReach level 99 with Eventide Hakurei★
Frilly Battle MaidenReach level 50 with Fair Maiden Silmeria
Sweet Word of GodReach level 50 with False Ashen God
Devourer of CreationReach level 99 with False Ashen God
ComraderyReach level 50 with Fang Warrior Arngrim
Hrist's Right Hand ManReach level 99 with Fang Warrior Arngrim
Puller of StringsReach level 50 with Frei
The AwakenedReach level 99 with Frei
Goddess of FertilityReach level 50 with Freya
Merciless GoddessReach level 99 with Freya
Mountaintop AssassinReach level 50 with Frosty
Beloved TeacherReach level 99 with Frosty
VeteranReach level 50 with Gandar
Villnore's FinestReach level 99 with Gandar
Dog of HelReach level 50 with Garm Ailyth
Hound of the UnderworldReach level 99 with Garm Ailyth
Mother's WarmthReach level 50 with Gloria
SisterReach level 50 with Golden-Garbed Leny
Heart and SoulReach level 99 with Golden-Garbed Leny
Unchanging MemoriesReach level 50 with Groom Lucian
A Promise of LiliesReach level 99 with Groom Lucian
Once in a LifetimeReach level 50 with Groom Rufus
Double Barrel GroomReach level 99 with Groom Rufus
Immaculate BattlemaidenReach level 50 with Hakurei
Bride of BattleReach level 99 with Hakurei
Self-Proclaimed VampyreReach level 50 with Halloween Altveer
Ruler of DarknessReach level 99 with Halloween Altveer
Ruler of the Holy CaveReach level 50 with Halloween Ethereal
HallowqueenReach level 99 with Halloween Ethereal
Young HawkeyeReach level 50 with Hawkeye Bedelia
Hestia FamiliaReach level 50 with Hestia
DeusdeaReach level 99 with Hestia
Dignified QueenReach level 50 with High Handed Jelanda
I'm a Lady!Reach level 99 with High Handed Jelanda
Obsidian ValkyrieReach level 50 with Hrist
Vantablack ValkyrieReach level 99 with Hrist
Small Forest AnimalReach level 50 with Ilisa
King's FriendReach level 99 with Ilisa
Queen BerserkReach level 50 with Ingrid
Two Halves...Reach level 99 with Ingrid
Knight of Crell MonferaigneReach level 50 with Jayle
Shared SecretReach level 99 with Jayle
Grand MarksmanReach level 50 with Jeanne
Brother's AcceptanceReach level 99 with Jeanne
AristocraticReach level 50 with Jelanda
Demon GirlReach level 99 with Jelanda
Yamato AssassinReach level 50 with Jun
Shinto NitoryuReach level 99 with Jun
Pumpkin HeadReach level 50 with Kabo
Tomboy WitchReach level 99 with Kabo
Solitary AssassinReach level 50 with Kachina
Corrupting HandsReach level 99 with Kachina
Exorcist DancerReach level 50 with Kaede
Cursed GirlReach level 99 with Kaede
Freshly Baked GodReach level 50 with Kamose
Ancient PrinceReach level 99 with Kamose
Unwavering SpiritReach level 50 with Klaus
The Black WallReach level 99 with Klaus
SubmissionReach level 50 with Kokuyō
The NamedReach level 99 with Kokuyō
Black-Haired WarriorReach level 50 with Kokuyō★
★Axes of DarknessReach level 99 with Kokuyō★
Pirate VisionaryReach level 50 with Kurt
Piercing ConvictionReach level 99 with Kurt
Silver-Haired ValkyrieReach level 50 with Lenneth
True BattlemaidenReach level 99 with Lenneth
Eternal BattlemaidenReach level 50 with Lenneth F (Archer)
Power BalanceReach level 99 with Lenneth F (Archer)
Goddess of GuidanceReach level 50 with Lenneth F (Sword)
Journey BeyondReach level 99 with Lenneth F (Sword)
Mercenary FataleReach level 50 with Leone
SeductressReach level 99 with Leone
Eternal SorcererReach level 50 with Lezard
Deathly in LoveReach level 99 with Lezard
Girl of MisfortuneReach level 50 with Little Match Girl Alice
PlaywrightReach level 99 with Little Match Girl Alice
ImpersonatorReach level 50 with Liu
Swashbuckling CoquetteReach level 99 with Liu
God of FlameReach level 50 with Loki
TricksterReach level 99 with Loki
Peaceful RhinemaidenReach level 50 with Lucia
...Make a WholeReach level 99 with Lucia
Slum DwellerReach level 50 with Lucian
Forgotten Old FriendReach level 99 with Lucian
Benevolent QueenReach level 50 with Malvina
Queen of WarReach level 99 with Malvina
Gold EaterReach level 50 with Marge
Gold HunterReach level 99 with Marge
SharpshooterReach level 50 with Maximillian
Unbreakable BondReach level 99 with Maximillian
Theoretical CommanderReach level 50 with Maya
Yearning for CompanyReach level 99 with Maya
JesterReach level 50 with Mercurius
Master of MimicryReach level 99 with Mercurius
Witchcraft ScholarReach level 50 with Mystina
Dr. Witch No. 1Reach level 99 with Mystina
A Widow's WrathReach level 50 with Myuria
Oracle GirlReach level 50 with Nachi
Chosen BelieverReach level 99 with Nachi
Traxian Bio WeaponReach level 50 with Nelja
Ordinary GirlReach level 99 with Nelja
ProphetReach level 50 with Norn
Guardian of TimeReach level 99 with Norn
Chief of the AesirReach level 50 with Odin
Valkyrie CommanderReach level 99 with Odin
Village BodyguardReach level 50 with Olberic
The Unbending BladeReach level 99 with Olberic
DualityReach level 50 with Peppo
SymbiosisReach level 99 with Peppo
Tavern DancerReach level 50 with Primrose
Daughter of AzelhartReach level 99 with Primrose
Dreamwatching DragonReach level 50 with Progenitor God Sephiroth
Lord CreatorReach level 99 with Progenitor God Sephiroth
Ruler of the UnderworldReach level 50 with Queen of Niflheim Hel
Ailyth's MasterReach level 99 with Queen of Niflheim Hel
Dazzling DressReach level 50 with Queen of Winter Hrist
The Goddess RoleReach level 99 with Queen of Winter Hrist
Yearning for LifeReach level 50 with Ranvald
Avant Garde AlchemistReach level 99 with Ranvald
Jungle ArcherReach level 50 with Rebecca
ForesterReach level 99 with Rebecca
First MateReach level 50 with Reimi
Lily of the GalaxyReach level 99 with Reimi
Memory SeekerReach level 50 with Ringabel
PredeterminedReach level 99 with Ringabel
Mysterious FairyReach level 50 with Rinne
Flying Little PersonReach level 99 with Rinne
Vessel of the GodsReach level 50 with Rufus
SuccessorReach level 99 with Rufus
Valkyrie HeartReach level 50 with Sacred Light Valkyrie
Embracing Wings of GuidanceReach level 99 with Sacred Light Valkyrie
Triad HarmonyReach level 50 with Sacred Light Valkyrie★
With My Dark WarriorsReach level 99 with Sacred Light Valkyrie★
Yamato SamuraiReach level 50 with Sadamitsu
Loyal HeartReach level 99 with Sadamitsu
Record Keeper AcolyteReach level 50 with Scholar Mystina
Longing for ReunionReach level 99 with Scholar Mystina
AvengerReach level 50 with Sennah
Caradoc's ProtégéReach level 99 with Sennah
Masked ChooserReach level 50 with Shakugan
ShinigamiReach level 99 with Shakugan
Alluring SirenReach level 50 with Shiho
Blood-Stained EyesReach level 99 with Shiho
Golden-Haired ValkyrieReach level 50 with Silmeria
Demigod ValkyrieReach level 99 with Silmeria
A Happy DreamReach level 50 with Silver-Haired Bride
Hidden LoveReach level 99 with Silver-Haired Bride
Companion of the Rune WarriorReach level 50 with Skuld
Time Weaving Battle GoddessReach level 99 with Skuld
Fairytale PrincessReach level 50 with Snow Fairy Alice
Holy Night GuestReach level 50 with Snow Maiden Lenneth F
Christmas ProtectorReach level 99 with Snow Maiden Lenneth F
Healing WaterReach level 50 with Spring Goddess Norn
Dress-Up GoddessReach level 99 with Spring Goddess Norn
Tropical WearReach level 50 with Summer Ailyth
Vacation MaidReach level 99 with Summer Ailyth
Naval Battle GirlReach level 50 with Summer Alice
Sapphire of AsgardReach level 99 with Summer Alice
Beach QueenReach level 50 with Summer Freya
Sea NewcomerReach level 50 with Summer Hakurei
Summer MischiefReach level 99 with Summer Hakurei
Black Summer ValkyrieReach level 50 with Summer Hrist
God of WatermelonsReach level 99 with Summer Hrist
Surfer GirlReach level 50 with Summer Ingrid
The Best SummerReach level 99 with Summer Ingrid
Silver Summer ValkyrieReach level 50 with Summer Lenneth
Beach Volley GodReach level 99 with Summer Lenneth
Lifeguard SwimsuitReach level 50 with Summer Leny
A Young Summer's DayReach level 99 with Summer Leny
Gold Summer ValkyrieReach level 50 with Summer Silmeria
Divine PyrotechnicianReach level 99 with Summer Silmeria
Star of the WavesReach level 50 with Summer Thaila
Shore AdornedReach level 50 with Summer Valkyrie Alicia
Summer ValkyrieReach level 99 with Summer Valkyrie Alicia
OniReach level 50 with Suo
Crimson WarriorReach level 99 with Suo
Arrogant DeityReach level 50 with Supreme Deity Odin
Supreme DeityReach level 99 with Supreme Deity Odin
Pumpkin SwordsmanReach level 50 with Swordfighter Kabo
JenniferReach level 99 with Swordfighter Kabo
Avenging ActressReach level 50 with Thaila
Majestic Sword DancerReach level 99 with Thaila
PowerheadReach level 50 with Thor
God of ThunderReach level 99 with Thor
HeirReach level 50 with Transcendental Dusktide
Calamitous White SpearReach level 99 with Transcendental Dusktide
Pervy GlassesReach level 50 with Transcendental Lezard
Transcendental BeingReach level 99 with Transcendental Lezard
Mind SearcherReach level 50 with Tyro
Record KeeperReach level 99 with Tyro
Young Lady ImpostorReach level 50 with Underworld Liu
Time for HappinessReach level 99 with Underworld Liu
Model StudentReach level 50 with Valentine Rebecca
First LoveReach level 99 with Valentine Rebecca
Failing StudentReach level 50 with Valentine Sennah
Pure-Heart FastballReach level 99 with Valentine Sennah
Empire ValkyrieReach level 50 with Valkyrie Alice
Godslayer SpearReach level 99 with Valkyrie Alice
Soul and Vessel as OneReach level 50 with Valkyrie Alicia
Ultimate GoddessReach level 99 with Valkyrie Alicia
ReformistReach level 50 with Valkyrie Aurora
Divine SpiritReach level 99 with Valkyrie Aurora
Valkyrie of AwakeningReach level 50 with Valkyrie Ceryl
Between Gods and MenReach level 99 with Valkyrie Ceryl
SuccessorReach level 50 with Valkyrie Ceryl★
Chooser of the DeadReach level 99 with Valkyrie Ceryl★
HomewardsReach level 50 with Valvalois
ScoutReach level 99 with Valvalois
Perpetual PenitenceReach level 50 with Vargo
Wasteland DenizenReach level 50 with Victorie
Lovely BrideReach level 99 with Victorie
Aide of the SupremeReach level 50 with Victory Goddess Freya
Goddess of SwordplayReach level 99 with Victory Goddess Freya
Black WaraxeReach level 50 with Waraxe Kokuyō
Hidden PowerReach level 99 with Waraxe Kokuyō
Covenant of the PlumeReach level 50 with Wylfred
Bearer of SinReach level 99 with Wylfred
Silent BladeReach level 50 with YoRHa No.2 Type B
Warrior in BlackReach level 99 with YoRHa No.2 Type B
Traditional Japanese BeautyReach level 50 with Yukata Maya
What Happened Yesterday?Reach level 99 with Yukata Maya
DOLLSReach level 99 with Yuki
Yamato MermaidReach level 50 with Yumei
Legend of the Lapis GemReach level 99 with Yumei

Event-limited TitlesEdit

Event titles are listed in the quests section of the event they come from. If you're looking for a specific title that isn't listed elsewhere on this page, try searching the wiki. It was likely from an event, or is one of the missing character titles.

Misc. TitlesEdit

These titles were gained on Global from sources that were not Missions, Characters, or Events.

English Title Requirements Event
Hello There Claim from inbox from the 5th of November 2019 Facebook title campaign
Why I'm So Lucky Claim from inbox from the 5th of November 2019 Facebook title campaign
Light and Dark Claim from inbox from the 5th of November 2019 Facebook title campaign


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