In-game TermsEdit

Azure, Prayer, Sentiment, and Wish Rings

Items that can be gained from certain events or from the Gold Exchange Booth. Can be traded into the shop for some non-gacha characters' Exclusive Orbs.

Limit Break

Raising the level cap on a character or weapon.

Mirror Fragments

Obtained by trading in artifacts and 6* weapons to the Exchange Booth. Used to buy other items in the Exchange Booth.

Purification Attack/Gauge

Some places other than this wiki refer to this as the Soul Crush gauge, matching what is used in the second Valkyrie Profile and beyond. Here it is referred to as the purification gauge, which corresponds to both the Japanese text of Valkyrie Anatomia and the concept of the "Purify Weird Souls" special attacks in the original Valkyrie Profile.

Game SlangEdit

Any game community likes to shorten some terms to type faster in discussions. Here are some you might see.

  • AL, also ALenneth - Awakened Valkyrie Lenneth
  • AP - stamina
  • AS - Action Skill. The weapon skill that is used in battle by swiping up on character's icon.
    • Often used as AS#, like AS5. The number refers to the level of the skill.
  • CV - Creation Valkyrie character, or Character Voice if seen in Japanese promo videos
  • DT - Divine Transfer, PvP-like mechanic.
  • EN - English, or the English version of the game. Interchangeable with GL for 'Global.'
  • GL - Global server/version of the game. Interchangeable with EN for 'English.'
  • GLEX - Global-exclusive content.
  • GS - Greatsword.
  • JP - Japan, or the Japanese version of the game.
  • LB - Limit Break. Used both for characters and weapons.
  • Locks - Locks Imperium, buffing greatsword.
  • MLB - Max limit break. Refers to weapon or character which was limit broken to the maximum available level.
  • Nuke - A game tactic where someone tries to deal as much damage as possible in one turn hoping to defeat the enemy right away.
  • Orbed <character_name> - character has his or her Exclusive Orb.
  • S <character_name>/SS <character_name> - Summer/Swimsuit version of the character, like SHrist for Summer Hrist or SLenneth for Summer Lenneth
  • SG - Seraphic Gates
  • Shards - Mirror Fragments. Can also be used as a verb. To "shard a weapon" means to exchange it for Mirror Fragments.
  • VA - Valhalla Assault event.
  • VD - Valhalla Defense, another name for the Valhalla Assault events.
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