Purification Attack/GaugeEdit

Some places other than this wiki refer to this as the Soul Crush gauge, matching what is used in the second Valkyrie Profile and beyond. Here it is referred to as the purification gauge, which corresponds to both the Japanese text of Valkyrie Anatomia and the concept of the "Purify Weird Souls" special attacks in the original Valkyrie Profile.

Limit BreakEdit

Raising the level cap on a character or weapon.


Most were literally translated. The sword user classes were slightly modified for easy differentiation:


Similar to the classes, half were literally translated. The two sword types were slightly modified for easy differentiation:

Rune NamesEdit

The Rune names have been standardized across the wiki, as they do not have in-game names. They are simply named after their color.


Azure Ring
A ring that can be gained from certain events, usually purchased with gold Odin Medals during a Valhalla Defense event. Can be traded into the shop for non-gacha characters' Exclusive Orbs.

There are other types of rings gained through events that can be traded for certain characters' orbs in a similar fashion.

Mirror Fragments
Obtained by trading in artifacts and 6* weapons to the item shop. Artifacts will get you 500 fragments, and 6* weapons will get you 100 fragments.