The game has many different types of status effect that can be inflicted by players and enemies on each other. Some are exclusive to enemies, such as being resistant to Action Skills.

Status AilmentsEdit

Both players and enemies can inflict status ailments on each other, though some enemies are immune to some status effects. This is mostly true of bosses. Players can become resistant or immune to some status effects via some character and weapon skills. Status effects have a chance to wear off at the end of each turn, and can be cured early by some weapons and some character's limited skills.



Blind Blind Character will deal reduced damage.
Curse Curse Normal attacks and action skills will damage you by a fixed amount.
Freeze Freeze Character will only be able to attack half as many times as normal.
Paralysis Paralysis Character will be unable to perform an attack approximately 50% of the time.
Poison Poison Character will take damage at the end of each turn.
Seal Seal Character is unable to use Action skills.
Stone Stone Character will be unable to perform an attack or use an attack skill.

Guard/Character skills/Orb skills are also unusable.

Resistances/Special Edit

Some boss enemies, including most Descension Bosses, are resistant to certain types of attack.

Icon Resistant to...
30px Action Skill damage
30px Normal Attack damage
30px Purification Attack damage

Physical/Magical Buff/Debuff Edit

Both players and enemies can buff and debuff stats using skills. These buffs and debuffs are temporary and usually last a fixed number of turns based on the skill used.

Status Up Down
Physical Attack PhysAtkUp PhysAtkDown
Magical Attack MagAtkUp MagAtkDown
Physical Defense PhysDefUp PhysDefDown
Magical Defense MagDefUp MagDefDown
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