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Side Stories are permanently-available stories that reward the player with Unique Orbs, Characters, or Limit Break Items. They can be accessed from the Top screen by selecting Story Mode and then Side Story.

  • The first available Side Stories are Lenneth's Path of Trials quests, which reward character limit breaking books of rarity I-IV.
  • Offering an Artifact to Odin will open an artifact character's Side Story that you can play to unlock the character.
  • Each character obtained from the Main Story has two side stories that each grant a Unique Orb.
  • There are several other characters released early in the game that also grant Unique Orbs from Side Stories.

Side Stories often have hidden passages in them that require special conditions to open. Sometimes this is as simple as using the search function on a specific platform, but can often require having a specific character in your main party (usually but not always the character whose Side Story it is), and can sometimes require having a specific orb equipped, having AP count above half, having an even or odd level count in your party, or having combat power over a specific amount. Details are on specific Side Story pages.

Side Stories Granting Unique Orbs[]

Name Side Story Orb
Altveer Thumb.png Altveer He Went into the Woods Orb of Heroism
Altveer Thumb.png Altveer Mysteries of an Ancient Race Orb of History
Anelian Thumb.png Anelian The Price of Power Orb of Reparations
Anelian Thumb.png Anelian False Magic Orb of Forbidden Tome
Caradoc Thumb.png Caradoc Search for the Legendary Sword Orb of Violent Death
Caradoc Thumb.png Caradoc God of the Sword Orb of the Holy Swordsman
Cloe Thumb.png Cloe Eradicate the Undead Orb of Prayers
Cloe Thumb.png Cloe Vanquish the Lake Dragon Orb of Obligations
Daline Thumb.png Daline Defective Soul Incense Orb of Revival
Daline Thumb.png Daline Reunion Orb of Reunion
Ingrid Thumb.png Ingrid Stop the Alchemist's Treachery! Orb of Rebirth
Ingrid Thumb.png Ingrid Rescuing the Captured Mermaid Orb of Lullabies
Jeanne Thumb.png Jeanne Attire Orb of Arrows
Jeanne Thumb.png Jeanne Way of Life and Death Orb of Protection
Kachina Thumb.png Kachina Seeds of Calamity Orb of Misfortune
Kachina Thumb.png Kachina Parting Gift from the Gods Orb of Isolation
Klaus Thumb.png Klaus Enchanted Waters Orb of Atonement
Klaus Thumb.png Klaus Spirit in the Armor Orb of Devotion
Kurt Thumb.png Kurt Remnants of a Dream Orb of Wreckage
Kurt Thumb.png Kurt The Dream Lives On Orb of Inheritance
Liu Thumb.png Liu Dragon of Oblivion Orb of Thieves
Liu Thumb.png Liu Stolen Destiny Orb of Providence
Lucia Thumb.png Lucia The Melody Mother Left Behind Orb of Melody
Lucia Thumb.png Lucia Lucia's Decision Orb of Affection
Malvina Thumb.png Malvina Knights of a Ruined Kingdom Orb of the Ruined Kingdom
Malvina Thumb.png Malvina Crisis Draws Near Orb of Retaliation
Maximillian Thumb.png Maximillian Rescuing the Kidnapped Girl Orb of Purity
Maximillian Thumb.png Maximillian Father's Back Orb of Fatherliness
Nachi Thumb.png Nachi Oracle Girl Orb of the Seer
Nachi Thumb.png Nachi Salvation of the Gods Orb of Faith
Nelja Thumb.png Nelja Nelja's Friend Orb of Sure Sight
Nelja Thumb.png Nelja Nascent Bonds Orb of the Beloved
Norn Thumb.png Norn Gears of Destiny Orb of Gears
Norn Thumb.png Norn Child of Destiny Orb of Illumination
Ranvald Thumb.png Ranvald Gods and Men Orb of Tension
Ranvald Thumb.png Ranvald Village of the Dead Orb of the Blossom
Sadamitsu Thumb.png Sadamitsu The Long Road Ahead Orb of Loyalty
Sennah Thumb.png Sennah Reason to Fight Orb of Militancy
Sennah Thumb.png Sennah Noblewoman Stance Orb of a Lady
Thor Thumb.png Thor A Distraught Thunder God Orb of Earthquake
Thor Thumb.png Thor The Thunder God's War Orb of Dignity
Valvalois Thumb.png Valvalois Sights Set on a New Continent Orb of Storms
Valvalois Thumb.png Valvalois A Veteran's Wisdom Orb of Mentoring
Vargo Thumb.png Vargo A Reason to Continue the Fight Orb of Strife
Vargo Thumb.png Vargo Perpetual Penitence Orb of Karma