Daily Dungeons Seraphic Gates Daily Missions

Seraphic Gates are challenges that change daily (keep in mind that the dates are based on JST, so they may not match your current date). You can acquire rare orbs through them that cannot be found elsewhere. They give large amounts of XP as well. You can unlock them by progressing in the main story.

Enemies and rewards that appear in the Seraphic Gate are different for each day of the week. There are multiple stages of several waves. If you defeat all waves in a stage, you are given the option to advance to the next stage. You can go into negative AP to continue.

You can organize a party for the Seraphic gate from the normal party menu. The UI is similar to normally creating a party, but there are multiple rows to fill since you can different parties into different stages. Each character can only be used once, except for your leader.

Each party has a separate HP pool. You will lose all items previously acquired if you are wiped out. When the HP of the party that is participating reaches zero, it will be wiped out even if there are still other parties. You cannot revive using Gems. Thus, it is sometimes necessary to choose to stop between stages, so you can keep your items earned.

The most difficult has randomly-appearing mini-bosses that drop special orbs. There is a higher chance of encountering them if you've switched between parties a few times.

Daily Seraphic Gate Rotation

These banners show what type(s) of orbs drop in each dungeon.

Monday Red Seraphic Monday
Tuesday Purple Seraphic Tuesday
Wednesday Blue Seraphic Wednesday
Thursday Green Seraphic Thursday
Friday White Seraphic Friday
Saturday Black Seraphic Saturday
Sunday Yellow Seraphic Sunday