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Progenitor God Sephiroth is a playable character obtainable with the artifact Rhinegold, which comes from select gacha banners. He plays a major role in the second half of the Main Story's Chapter 1.

Story Edit

The Lord of Creation. He has created and lived through countless worlds. He has supported Odin as a wise old man, but unbeknownst to him he was also the mastermind behind Gullveig.
~ In-game profile

Gameplay Edit

Progenitor God Sephiroth is best placed in all-lightning parties to boost their damage, and given a lightning weapon to best make use of his damage-boosting skills.

Black Wretched Energy
Greatly increase Magic, and increase damage done by lightning.
White Legacy Jail
Reduce damage taken, and increase resistance against status ailments.
Red Bulk Force
[All] Every 3 turns from the start of battle, increase lightning damage done by all.
Party Skill DL.Dance
Magical Lightning
Unfinity Force
Lskill Limited Skill: Destroyer of Old
From turn 3 onwards, increase own Lightning Action Skill damage. Can only be used for 1 turn per battle.
Recharge: 0
Eskill Silver Enchant Skill: Thunder Spirit
For 1 turn, increase user's Lightning Purify Attack damage by 30%. Can only be used twice per battle.
Recharge: 1Scrolls: Silver

Name Type Ele. Dir. Hits
Heavenly Lance Magical Lightning Forward 7
Planet Smasher Magical Neutral Forward 3
Hellstorm Magical Neutral Up 5
Planet Smasher Magical Neutral Forward 3
Hellstorm Magical Neutral Up 5
Default Attacks 3

Exclusive Orb: Orb of Dragon Dreams
Level 99 stats
HP Phys. Atk. Mag. Atk. Phys. Def. Mag. Def.
7226 1032 2855 1241 1140


  • The Sefirot (often transliterated as Sephiroth) are a concept in Jewish mystic tradition that represent mankind's connection to the divine and the creation and maintenance of reality. As 'progenitor' roughly means 'creator,' Sephiroth's name is likely a reference to this concept.
  • The Japanese name ゼフィロス (transliterated in-game as Sephiroth) could also be translated as Zephyrus, which is the name of a Greek god of winds. If this is an intentional parallel, it could explain Sephiroth's affinity for the lightning element.
  • Given that the game is based on Norse mythology, and his title is progenitor god, Sephiroth is possibly a reference to Búri who is both the progenitor of the Norse gods and the grandfather of Odin.

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