There is now a "Premium" system for those that buy larger amounts of gems. These gem packs have プレミアム専用付き text in gold over the pack name. The bonus will typically last 20 days per gem package purchase.


  • XP bonus.
  • Ability to play battles at 3x speed.
  • Autoattack mode that lets you overattack.
    • This is good for grinding levels, but it will not switch between enemies, so it will only kill one enemy per round (if capable of it) unless you manually switch during the attacks.
  • Unlock a set of Premium Quests.
    • They can be accessed via the gold button between the Quest and Event buttons on the top menu.
    • You can clear one of the quests once per day.
    • They all have a fixed reward (XP bead, weapon hammers, character limit break books). The weapon enhancement ones also have a random chance to reward you with weapon tempering stones in addition to the hammers.
    • You can only get the gem rewards from each quest once.