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Party Skills are a system that allows even characters you don't use in your main party or Party Assist to contribute to your success. You can have up to three party skills equipped at a time. Equipped party skills apply to all party members, and are unlocked and enhanced by getting specific characters to level milestones. You can apply party skills by selecting 'Party Skills' in the upper right area of the party formation screen.

The level of a party skill is determined by the combined bonuses of characters that contribute to that skill. A character adds +1 to their associated party skill at level 55, +2 at level 75, +3 at level 85, and +5 at level 99. There is no need for those characters to be in the party to contribute to the skill. It's enough that you have them leveled.

As an example, having Klaus and Kurt at level 55+ and Thor at level 75+ would result in a level 4 Tank party skill. If you equipped Tank as one of your three party skills, this would add 128 physical defense to every party member.

Soul Sublimation has no impact on party skills - the bonus from a character will not reset to zero with Sublimation, and a single character cannot contribute more than 5 'levels' to a skill by leveling again after Sublimation.

Skill Bonus per level Characters
Calm Magic Defense (+32)
Clever Guard Rate (+0.6%)
D.Dance Increase Dark damage (+0.8%)
Dash Increased Physical Attack and Magic Attack (+16)
DF.Dance Increase Dark and Fire damage (+0.4%)
DI.Dance Increase Dark and Ice damage (+0.4%)
DL.Dance Increase Dark and Lightning damage (+0.4%)
Easygoing Critical Rate (+0.4%)
Expert Physical Attack (+32)
F.Dance Increase Fire damage (+0.8%)
FL.Dance Increase Fire and Lightning damage (+0.4%)
Fortitude Physical and Magic Defense (+0.4%)
H.Dance Increase Holy damage (+0.8%)
HD.Dance Increase Holy and Dark damage (+0.4%)
HF.Dance Increase Holy and Fire damage (+0.4%)
HI.Dance Increase Holy and Ice damage (+0.4%)
HL.Dance Increase Holy and Lightning damage (+0.4%)
I.Dance Increase Ice damage (+0.8%)
IF.Dance Increase Ice and Fire damage (+0.4%)
Integrity Increased Physical Attack and Physical Defense (+16)
L.Dance Increase Lightning damage (+0.8%)
LI.Dance Increase Lightning and Ice damage (+0.4%)
Omni Physical and Magic Attack (+0.4%)
Steadfast Physical Defense and Magic Defense (+16)
Tank Physical Defense (+32)
Wisdom Magic Power and Magic Defense (+16)
Wise Magic Attack (+32)