Each party can have three party skills equipped at a time. Party skills apply to the entire party, and are unlocked and enhanced by getting certain characters to various levels. You can apply party skills by clicking パーティスキル in the upper right area of the party screen.

The level of a skill is determined by the cumulative bonuses of characters that contribute to that skill. A character adds +1 at level 55, +2 at level 75, +3 at level 85, and +5 at level 99.

As an example, having Klaus and Kurt at level 55+ and Thor at level 75+ would result in a level 4 Fortress party skill. This would add 128 physical defense for the entire party.

Name JP Bonus per level Characters
Expertise 達人 Physical Attack (+32) Alfio, Caradoc, Lenneth, Lucian, Rufus, Suo, Valkyrie
Fortress 鉄壁 Physical Defense (+32) Arngrim, Elle, Klaus, Kurt, Gladys, Guts, Thor
Nimble 軽快 Critical Rate (+0.4%) Altveer, Christmas Norn, Cloe, Mercurius, Rebecca, Reimi, Rinne, Rita
Fortitude 剛毅 Physical and Magic Defense (+0.4%) Brahms, Ingrid, Loki, Ringabel, Valvalois, Virgo, Wylfred
Wisdom 聡明 Magic Attack (+32) Anelian, Norn, Freya, Maya, Mystina, Schierke, Shiho
Levelheaded 冷徹 Magic Defense (+32) Christmas Freya, Kachina, Myuria, Odin, Peppo, Ranvald, Victorie
Cunning 狡猾 Guard rate (+0.6%) 2B, Cliff, Edward Elric, Griffith, Hrist, Leone, Nachi
Almighty 万能 Physical and Magic Attack (+0.4%) Alicia, Creatrix Lenneth, Hakurei, Lenneth F (Archer), Lenneth F (Light Warrior), Maximilien, Silmeria, Valkyrie Alicia
Intellect 賢明 Magic Power and Magic Defense (+16) Ethereal Queen, Lezard, Silmeria (Summer)
Loyalty 律儀 Increased Physical Attack and Physical Defense (+16) Ailyth, Arngrim F, Rebecca (Valentine), Olberic
Assault 突撃 Increased Physical Attack and Magic Attack (+16) Frei, Hestia, Lenneth (Summer)
Reliable 堅実 Physical and magical defense (+16) Alphonse Elric, Amelia, Hrist (Summer)
Flame Dance 炎舞 Fire-element damage (+0.8%) Aelia, Jelanda, Malvina, Syla
Lightning Dance 雷舞 Lightning-element damage (+0.8%) Agnes, Ais Wallenstein, Frosty, Liu, Sennah
Ice Dance 氷舞 Ice-element damage(+0.8%) Irisa, Lucia, Lucia (Summer), Marge, Sadamitsu, Yumei
Holy Dance 光舞 Holy-element damage (+0.8%) Aemo, Alice, Jeanne, Nelja, Sennah (Valentine)
Dark Dance 闇舞 Dark-element damage (+0.8%) Albert, Daline, Ingrid (Summer), Kabo (Light Warrior), Kabo (Magician), Primrose
Holy Ice Charm 聖氷符 Holy and Ice damage+ Lenny
Dark Flame Charm 闇炎符 Dark and Flame damage+ Hawkeye Bedelia
Brilliant Mark 闇炎符 Rising damage of dark attribute and flame attribute rises (+0.4%)