Valkyrie Anatomia Wikia

These are skills that appear randomly on normal, random orbs. There are also Unique Orbs, which come from character side quests or certain events, and Exclusive Orbs that can only be used by a specific character. Exclusive Orbs are usually much more powerful since they require second copies of character artifacts or expensive event-currency items to get.

Exclusive Orbs and Unique Orbs from events cannot be reobtained if sold or fused. Character's Unique Orbs can be reobtained by re-running the quest that dropped them initially, but the drop rate is very low.

All skills on normal orbs are entirely random. There are skill level 1 and 2 versions for each ability, which also show up at random. Each ability has a certain chance to activate on any given turn or action, as shown in the activation rate column. Leveling an orb increases the DEF and MDEF it grants you.

Note: Specific values for boosts are not given, as the amount buffed can vary within the same version of an orb. You can determine the amount boosted by your orbs by long-pressing their icon and seeing what percent is listed in the pop-up.

Stat Boosts[]

English Japanese Skill Rate
All Up オールアップ All stats rise. 15%
Hard Body ハードボディ Physical defense rises. 15%
Iron Fist アイアンフィスト Physical attack rises. 15%
Mind Burst マインドバースト Magical attack rises. 15%
Resist Magic レジストマジック Magical defense rises. 15%
Resist Magic レジストマジック Magical defense rises. 15%

Elemental Attack[]

English Japanese Skill Rate
Dark Lord ダークロード Increases dark damage. 15%
Elemental Lord エレメンタルロード Increases all elemental damage. 15%
Flame Lord フレイムロード Increases fire damage. 15%
Holy Lord ホーリーロード Increases Holy damage. 15%
Ice Lord アイスロード Increases ice damage. 15%
Non-Elemental ノットエレメンタラー Increases non-elemental damage. 15%
Thunder Lord サンダーロード Increases Lightning damage. 15%

Elemental Defense[]

English Japanese Skill Rate
Lightning Protection 雷防御 Decreases damage taken from Lightning attacks by 10%. 100%


English Japanese Skill Rate
Hunt Bad Status ハントBS Damage increases against enemies affected by status effects. 50%
Hunt Blind ハントブライン Damage increases against blinded enemies. 50%
Hunt Curse ハントカース Damage increases against cursed enemies. 50%
Hunt Down ハントダウン Damage increases against downed enemies. 20%
Hunt Freeze ハントフリーズ Damage increases against frozen enemies. 50%
Hunt Paralyze ハントパラライズ Damage increases against paralyzed enemies. 50%
Hunt Poison ハントポイズン Damage increases against poisoned enemies. 50%
Hunt Stone ハントストーン Damage increases against petrified enemies. 50%

Enemy Defense[]

English Japanese Skill Rate
Aqua Protection プロテクトアクア Reduces damage taken from aquatic enemies. 20%
Beast Protection プロテクトビースト Reduces damage taken from beasts. 20%
Being Protection プロテクトビーイング Reduces damage taken from humans. 20%
Demon Protection プロテクトデーモン Reduces damage taken from demons. 20%
Dragon Protection プロテクトドラゴン Reduces damage taken from dragons. 20%
God Protection プロテクトゴッド Reduces damage taken from gods. 20%
Golem Protection プロテクトゴーレム Reduces damage taken from golems. 20%
Insect Protection プロテクトインセクト Reduces damage taken from insects. 20%
Knight Protection プロテクトナイト Reduces damage taken from knights. 20%
Mage Protection プロテクトメイジ Reduces damage taken from magicians. 20%
Plant Protection プロテクトプラント Reduces damage taken from plants. 20%
Avian Protection プロテクトレイヴン Reduces damage taken from ravens. 20%
Slime Protection プロテクトスライム Reduces damage taken from slimes. 20%
Undead Protection プロテクトアンデッド Reduces damage taken from undead. 20%

Enemy Hunts[]

English Japanese Skill Rate
Dragon Hunter ドラゴンハンター Damage and chance to inflict status effects increase against dragons. 10%


English Japanese Skill Rate
Adversity アドバシティ Boosts attack when you are affected by a status effect. 70%
Critical クリティカル Critical rate rises. 15%
Drain Soul ドレインソウル Recovers a percentage of your damage as HP. 7%
Fatal Blow フェイタルブロウ Purification damage increases. 15%
Heat Up ヒートアップ Fills the purification gauge faster. 25%
Heartbeat 生命の鼓動 Recovers HP at the end of each turn. 100%
Jackpot ジャックポット If the purification gauge is over 2, boosts critical rate by 3%. 50%
Life Steal ライフスティール Recovers a percentage of your damage as HP if your element is superior to the enemy's. 15%
Noble Lady ノーブルレイディ Adds an additional attack. 2%
Peaceful ピースフル Reduces chance of being frozen or paralyzed by ~50%. 100%
Plus One プラスワン Adds an additional attack. 1%
Shoot Off シュートオフ Increases damage of launch attacks. 25%
Slow Starter スロースターター Boosts attack by 2% every turn. 15%
Steal Crystal スティールクリスタル Increases probability of crystal drops. 25%
Striking ストライキング Increases damage of slam attacks. 25%
True Guard トゥルーガード Increases guard rate. (Only if your guard rate is not 0%.) 15%
Weak Slayer ウィークスレイヤー Deals even more damage if your element is superior to the enemy's. 20%