This page is a home for useful lists that the wiki has compiled. They may be helpful in forming teams and choosing weapons for them.

Most lists will only show characters/weapons available on the Japanese server, but we also have preserved information about the Global server prior to shutdown. To see those items, search for them by name or look in the Global Version Only category.

Most of these lists can be sorted by any column if you click the column header for the value you want to sort by. (Clicking the HP column on a weapon page, for example, will sort the weapons by their HP value. Click it again to sort in the other direction.)


Note: Character elements are assigned based on their flashing element icons in-game, not based on which elements they have attacks corresponding to. Thus, they might not always match what you expect. This icon in-game indicates what element categories the character is considered as belonging to for the purposes of elemental strengths/weaknesses in Tyr's Battle Arena.

In the rare event a character belongs to multiple elements, they will appear in both element lists on the wiki, and their icon on the wiki will be Neutral until we manage to get clean versions of the dual-element icons.


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