This event allows you to acquire Liu, a Light Warrior with four base attacks. Enemies are weak to Lightning element attacks and weapons.

Running quests will drop Family Memory Family Memories, and you must have a certain amount of Family Memories to unlock subsequent quests (as shown in the table below). You do not 'spend' the Memories to unlock the next one - if you unlock quest 2 with 5 Memories, you will only need 20 more Memories to unlock quest 3.

Complete quest 5 to obtain Liu. To advance her past her initial level cap of 25, you must obtain Liu Limit Breaking books from running Liu Strengthening Quest 1 and Liu Strengthening Quest 2. The first strengthening quest drops Liu Book blue limit breaking books, and the second quest drops both blue and red limit breaking books. The red books will allow you to raise her cap to level 55. Past that point, you will be able to uncap her by using Light Warrior-specific books of the appropriate tier.

Drop rates for books on both quests are low. It is recommended that if you can clear the second quest, you farm it instead of the first. That way you will get both blue and red books as drops.

You can also obtain Liu's exclusive weapons Albert (Weapon) and Alpha Bard in this event. There is a guaranteed drop of Albert on your first clear of Liu Strengthening Quest 1, and you can receive extra copies as rewards from chests in both strengthening quests. This will allow you to max limit break Albert.

There is a unique chest in Liu Strengthening Quest 2 that contains an evolver that will allow you to evolve a max limit broken Albert into Alpha Bard.

Quest Name JP Quest Name AP Rec.


Req. Family



Memory Drops

Lies and Truths 1 偽るモノ、偽らざるモノ・1 1 1000 0 2
Lies and Truths 2 偽るモノ、偽らざるモノ・2 1 2500 5 4
Lies and Truths 3 偽るモノ、偽らざるモノ・3 2 3500 25 7
Lies and Truths 4 偽るモノ、偽らざるモノ・4 2 6500 75 10
Lies and Truths 5 偽るモノ、偽らざるモノ・5 3 15000 175 15
Liu Strengthening Quest 1 リウ強化クエスト・1 5 17500 325 20
Liu Strengthening Quest 2 リウ強化クエスト・2 6 21000 500