This information was added based on the Global version of the game. It requires verification for the Japanese version, which is a sitewide work in progress.

Getting StartedEdit

Getting StrongerEdit

  • Characters
    • Character Potential Boards (raise a specific character's stats and potentially unlock damage or defense boosts)
    • Party Assist ('equip' unused weapons and characters to backup party for stat bonuses)
    • Party Skills (level characters to raise skills that can benefit even parties without that character in them)
    • Limited Skills (character-specific skills that can be used in battle, cannot be changed)
    • Enchant Skills (enhance characters with extra skills that can be used in battle, can be changed)
    • Sealstones (enhance some characters' Hero Value for a special item that can be equipped by anyone)
    • Soul Sublimation (rebirth a level 99 character to become more powerful and raise their stat cap)
  • Weapons
    • Weapon Upgrade Items (evolve, limit break, temper, and enhance your weapons to increase their strength)
    • Action Skills (the main skill of a weapon, usable in battle - strength usually increases with Action Skill level up to 5)
    • Free Skills (some weapons have a Free Skill slot that can be used to boost a stat)
    • Legendary Weapons (7★ weapons created through evolution of certain 6★ weapons; the most powerful weapons in-game)
    • Sub-weapons (equip two extra weapons to each character's sub-weapon slots for stat and ability bonuses)
    • Weapon Enhancement (raise the level of a weapon to increase its stats)
    • Weapon Evolution (some weapons can be evolved to a version one star level up, usually indicated with a + after the name or an LE before the name if the evolved weapon is 7★)
    • Weapon Limit Breaking (raising the level cap of a 3★-7★ weapon so it can be enhanced further)
    • Weapon Tempering (increasing the tempering value of a weapon for a small stat boost)
  • Orbs


Japanese VersionEdit

Many of these are out of date but may still provide help in navigating the UI, particularly if you have experience with the Global version.

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