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Since the Global version has shut down, you will need to play the Japanese version of the game if you want to play it. For details on how to install it, see Japanese Version Installation.


It may be boring, but start with clearing the tutorial, Valkyrie's Awakening. It will explain Battle basics and the quest/exploration part of the game.

Data ResetEdit

There is a 'Data Reset' feature in the game which can help you to get a strong start. Basically, you can restart game from the very beginning without redownloading the game. This will allow you to reroll the first free gacha pulls to get the best character available at the time.

You have a free tutorial gacha pull at the beginning. It's from this tutorial banner:

Tutorial Gacha

Every new player gets a pull of 11 weapons from it. One of them will be a guaranteed artifact. Artifacts in this game are the main way to get new characters outside of the Main Story. You get an artifact and offer it to Odin. This unlocks the side story quest to recruit the character related to this artifact (you can read about the process in detail on the Artifacts page). The list of available weapons and artifacts in the tutorial gacha improves with time, but it's hidden by the game, so no one knows about the current full list. Most of the characters from the gacha are better than free characters, but - as usual - some are better than others.

Good pulls on this banner will include 2-3 gold 6-star weapons.

If you get an artifact there will be a character image behind it during the pull, like this one:

Gained Artifact
Medal Icon

Go back to the 'Top' screen. Confirm all pop-ups and then return to the 'Top' again. This time you need to tap on the medal icon on the left side of the screen. It opens the mission/achievement screen. Tap on 'Grand Missions' at the top and then on the only completed mission. After this check the gift box and be sure to take everything from it.

If you weren't lucky during these pulls, you can try to play the main story, get some gems and pull on current event banners, but it's very time-consuming, so trying additional pulls before rerolling is usually not worth it.

If you decide to restart your game return to the 'Top' screen, choose 'Settings' and scroll down to 'Data Reset'. Be sure you have NOT saved your progress via 'Back-up'. Also don't forget there is no way to restore your account if you use the 'Data Reset' function.

After you get your best rerolled account use back up to save it so you can restore data if you switch devices or encounter technical problems later.

New CharactersEdit

New Characters Button

At this point you have at least two artifacts, so it's time to get the characters from them. The easiest way is to click on the red triangle button on the 'Top' screen (another way is to get into 'Equipment' -> 'Item List' -> 'Examine/Tribute Artifacts'). You will see list of all artifacts you have. Choose one of them and then 'Tribute' it to Odin. You will lose the artifact after this (don't worry, they are really bad as weapons). The game will inform you there is a new quest available. Agree to start it. Complete the stages (there is only one in most cases, but can be up to ten) to get the new character for your party. Don't forget to 'Edit Party' to take the new character(s) with you and equip them with weapons from your previous gacha pulls.

Main StoryEdit

Now you should have several shiny new heroes and weapons to begin your adventure in the game. There are a lot of ways to do so, but it's better to start with the Main Story. Just choose it from the 'Top' screen and then any of the available 'Cadences'.

Enjoy the story and get to know your first story characters. You will recruit Sennah and Lucia from these stages. Continue until you at least finish the Goddess of Fate storyline.


See also: Events

This game tends to have a lot of events going at the same time. They are usually time-limited and grindy and you will need some time to get used to their pace. It's up to you whether to enjoy the main story first or to try to snatch something useful from the events.

Still, at least try to do the daily Descension Boss - you have three attempts each day to beat it. Save the drops to enhance your best characters with via their Character Potential Boards.

Usually it's better to choose events by how many days are left until their end, but the last stages of the events are tailored to be a challenge for strong top players so do not waste AP on them while you don't have the power. If you see there is not much event currency dropping, it's better to skip the event.

It's nearly impossible to empty event exchange booths in most cases, so the main thing about event is to decide what you will grind for and when to stop bothering with attempts to get more. Of course, new characters and new high-rarity weapons are on the top of the list, especially at the beginning while you don't have many of either.

Have Troubles Clearing Stages?Edit

If you're stuck and can't complete some missions you can go and level up and get stronger and all, but there are some tricks to pass such stages a bit faster:

  1. Choose powerful friends to join your party. Put them in one of the first 4 slots - they will carry you through stages you aren't capable of clearing yet. Be sure to follow them to see them in the list more often.
  2. If you have trouble clearing stages consider bringing weapons with heals, buffs, or debuffs. Some characters also have Limited Skills that will buff, heal, or remove status effects on the party.
  3. Some enemies have tricks to defeating them. Look for patterns in their behavior and ask other players via social platforms you prefer for advice. For example, some should be hit by specific element to lose defense, others need to be poisoned to reveal their weaknesses, there are also some which get weaker on specific turns or buff themselves after their hp drops below certain point.


  • Save gems. You need 72k gems to get 1 character for sure from the gacha. There is a pity system which lets you get the banner character's artifact after 15 10-pulls, so if you really want them you need to have 72k at hand.
  • Join the Discord server: here. You can always ask questions there, especially useful for ongoing events.
  • 1- and 2-star weapons are sold. 3/4/5-star weapons are used, but only until you manage to fill equipment of your main party/Divine Transfer party and Party Assist weapon slots with better weapons, then exchange all of them for Mirror Fragments.
  • If you get duplicates of a weapon, first use them to level up their Action Skill. Don't waste duplicates on limit breaking if the skill level of the weapon isn't maxed.

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