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Frosty is a playable character obtained by offering her artifact, the Assassin's Wand, to Odin. It can be obtained from The 11th Valhalla Assault onwards in Global, or from certain gachas and artifact selection tickets in Japan.

Story Edit

An assassin doomed to die if she does not kill her target within the course of a year. When Sister Leny became her next mark, she chose not to kill her, succumbing to the curse instead.
~ In-game profile

Gameplay Edit

Frosty focuses on magical damage and can help raise the purification gauge every time an enemy dies. This makes her good to put in a party with characters that gain benefits with higher purification gauge levels. She can also help protect against Curse and Seal, which can be quite useful against some bosses.

Yellow Clean Soul
Greatly increase Magic.
Green Magic Application
Increase the Purification Gauge when you defeat an enemy.
Black Chaos Fearless
Lower chance of being cursed or sealed.
Party Skill L.Dance
Magical Lightning
Storm Rage
Lskill Limited Skill: Assassin's Technique
From turn 3 onwards, increase own Lightning Action Skill damage. Can only be used for 1 turn per battle.
Recharge: 0

Name Type Ele. Dir. Hits
Sting Thunder Magical Lightning Forward 3
Bolt Tempest Magical Lightning Forward 6
Lightning Scythe Magical Lightning Forward 1
Bolt Tempest Magical Lightning Forward 6
Lightning Scythe Magical Lightning Forward 1
Default Attacks 3

Exclusive Orb: Orb of Unyielding
Level 99 stats
HP Phys. Atk. Mag. Atk. Phys. Def. Mag. Def.
4303 775 1381 728 1030
Sergeant Magic Vigor Sergeant Magic Vigor
Increases Magic Attack of all.


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