Friend Invite Banner

You can gain rewards by inviting friends to the game. Once they reach certain milestones, both of you will receive gems.

  • You must invite them by following 設定 and then 友達招待 from the top menu. You can't just give them your Friend ID.
  • Your options are to invite them via LINE or email.
  • You can only obtain the awards 10 times (once per friend).

Rewards include:

Friend's Milestone Friend's Reward Your Reward
Clear Main Story 魂の律動:剣を振る理由 50 Gems 500 Gems
Clear Main Story 運命の女神 100 Gems 1000 Gems
Reach Rank 5 50 Gems 500 Gems
Reach Rank 10 100 Gems 1000 Gems
Reach Rank 20 200 Gems 2000 Gems