Fluttering Wings is an event in-game that introduces Valkyrie Ceryl.



The following characters have bonus damage, gain more EXP, and/or grant bonus event currency drops during this event:

The following weapons deal bonus damage and/or grant more event currency drops:

The 5-star weapon of this event is:

Using it will increase the appearance rate of Raid Bosses during the event.

Raid BossesEdit

Every time you clear a quest from this event, there is a small chance that a raid boss might appear. When you are confronted with a Raid Boss, all your HP and Action Skill uses will be refreshed. However, your Purification Gauge will reset.

If you are unable to defeat the Raid Boss within a certain number of turns, it will retreat. If the Raid Boss retreats, you might be able to confront the same boss if you complete an event quest again within a certain amount of time. If you get wiped out, or if the Raid Boss retreats, it will still count as clearing the quest. Retiring during the Raid Boss encounter will not count as clearing the quest.

Defeating the Raid Boss will make it stronger the next time it appears ('level it up'). You are rewarded the first time you defeat a Raid Boss of every level. There are normal and rare raid bosses, and each type has a different loot table.

  • If you run out of time, or are defeated, the level of the Raid Boss will weaken.
  • Retreated Raid Bosses keep their reduced HP until you suffer a defeat.
  • Quests of higher difficulty have higher chances of Raid Boss encounters.
  • Imbued event weapons, including from the event exchange booth, usually improve the chance of a raid boss appearing.


Quest Title
Fluttering Wings 5 Those Who Live
Fluttering Wings Challenge 3 Gods in Harmony
Fluttering Wings EX EX Sleeping Goddess
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