Red 7 Exclusive
Exclusive Orbs are Orbs that can only be equipped by a single character, and are often difficult or expensive to obtain. However, they can boost a character's attack power by 40-50%, and sometimes add additional effects such as drawing enemy attacks that can change a character's role in the party, so it is highly advised to try to get the Exclusive Orb for characters you use often.

All Exclusive orbs are 7★ orbs displayed vertically. You can only obtain each once, so make sure to lock them so you don't accidentally sell them.

How to ObtainEdit

So how do you get a character's Exclusive Orb? Specifics vary by orb, but here are some general trends:

Make sure you look at the details of what is needed to trade for the orb you want in-game, as once you purchase something it is non-refundable.

Image Character Exclusive Orb
Abel Thumb Abel Orb of Insurrection
Aelia Thumb Aelia Orb of a Dragonshifter
Aemo Thumb Aemo Future Orb
Agnès Thumb Agnès Orb of the Shrine Maiden
Ailyth the Shackled Thumb Ailyth the Shackled Orb of Bonds
Ailyth Thumb Ailyth Orb of a Servant
Ais Wallenstein Thumb Ais Wallenstein Orb of Sword Princess
Alice Thumb Alice Orb of Prototype
Alicia Thumb Alicia Orb of a Princess
Alphio Thumb Alphio Orb of a Monster Slayer
Alphonse Elric Thumb Alphonse Elric Orb of Blood Rune
Altveer Thumb Altveer Orb of a Martial Brother
Amelia Thumb Amelia Orb of Dream Magic
Anelian Thumb Anelian Orb of a Wise Brother
Arbiter Hrist Thumb Arbiter Hrist Orb of Judgment
Arngrim F Thumb Arngrim F Orb of Fidelity
Arngrim Thumb Arngrim Orb of the Mercenary
Awakened Lenneth Thumb Awakened Lenneth Orb of Awakening
Awakened Valkyrie Alice Thumb Awakened Valkyrie Alice Orb of Black Flowers
Bayonetta Thumb Bayonetta Orb of Glossy Hair
Bedelia Thumb Bedelia Orb of the Veteran
Belenus Thumb Belenus Orb of Destiny
Black Valkyrie Thumb Black Valkyrie Orb of Ignorance
Blessed Silmeria Thumb Blessed Silmeria Orb of Blessing
Brahms Thumb Brahms Orb of the Undead King
Bride Alicia Thumb Bride Alicia Orb of a Bride
Calamity God Lezard Thumb Calamity God Lezard Orb of Demon Fire
Caradoc Thumb Caradoc Orb of Invincibility
Caradoc Thumb Caradoc Orb of Invincibility (Modified)
Celestial Armor Wylfred Thumb Celestial Armor Wylfred Orb of Repentance
Christmas Frei Thumb Christmas Frei Orb of Reindeer
Christmas Freya Thumb Christmas Freya Orb of Festive Green
Christmas Norn Thumb Christmas Norn Orb of Festive White
Cliff Thumb Cliff Orb of Powerful Strikes
Cloe Thumb Cloe Orb of Dragon Sisters+
Creation Valkyrie Thumb Creation Valkyrie Orb of Creation
Cress Thumb Cress Orb of Spacetime
Crimson Dragon Aelia Thumb Crimson Dragon Aelia Orb of Dragonification
Dark Flower Sennah Thumb Dark Flower Sennah Orb of a Dark Rose
Dark Formalwear Hel Thumb Dark Formalwear Hel Orb of the Ruler
Darkness Mystina Thumb Darkness Mystina Orb of Darkness
Delusional Ailyth Thumb Delusional Ailyth Orb of Curses
Demon Alphio Thumb Demon Alphio Orb of Misery
Destruction Angel Iseria Thumb Destruction Angel Iseria Orb of Dedication
Destruction God Loki Thumb Destruction God Loki Orb of Dragon Tamer
Divine Knight Alicia Thumb Divine Knight Alicia Orb of Dedication
Edward Elric Thumb Edward Elric Orb of Automail
Elle Thumb Elle Orb of the Oracle
Ethereal Queen Thumb Ethereal Queen Orb of the Destroyer
Eventide Hakurei Thumb Eventide Hakurei Orb of Alabaster
Fair Maiden Silmeria Thumb Fair Maiden Silmeria Orb of Symmetry
False Ashen God Thumb False Ashen God Orb of Ash
Fang Warrior Arngrim Thumb Fang Warrior Arngrim Orb of Ferality
Frei Thumb Frei Orb of Purity
Freya Thumb Freya Orb of Ethereality
Frosty Thumb Frosty Orb of Unyielding
Gandar Thumb Gandar Orb of Ambition
Garm Ailyth Thumb Garm Ailyth Orb of Contract
Gloria Thumb Gloria Orb of the Chosen Child
Goblin Slayer Thumb Goblin Slayer Orb of the Goblin Slayer
Golden-Garbed Leny Thumb Golden-Garbed Leny Orb of a Nun
Griffith Thumb Griffith Messiah's Orb
Groom Lucian Thumb Groom Lucian Orb of a Husband
Groom Rufus Thumb Groom Rufus Orb of a Groom
Guts Thumb Guts Branded Orb
Hakurei Thumb Hakurei Orb of Resplendence
Halloween Ethereal Thumb Halloween Ethereal Orb of Corporeality
Hawkeye Bedelia Thumb Hawkeye Bedelia Orb of Hawk Eye
Hestia Thumb Hestia Orb of Goddess Ruler
High Handed Jelanda Thumb High Handed Jelanda Orb of Hedonism
Hrist Thumb Hrist Orb of the Dark Deity
Ilisa Thumb Ilisa Orb of Goodwill
Ingrid Thumb Ingrid Orb of a Berserker
Jayle Thumb Jayle Orb of Masculine Beauty
Jeanne Thumb Jeanne Orb of a Spy
Jelanda Thumb Jelanda Orb of Aristocrat's Daughter
Jessica Thumb Jessica Orb of Springtime Dreams
Jun Thumb Jun Orb of Demon Reflection
Kabo Thumb Kabo Orb of Pumpkins
Kaede Thumb Kaede Orb of Petals
Kamose Thumb Kamose Orb of the Blazing God
Klaus Thumb Klaus Orb of Armor
Kokuyō Thumb Kokuyō Orb of Obsidian
Kurt Thumb Kurt Orb of Devotion
Lenneth F (Archer) Thumb Lenneth F (Archer) Orb of Platinum
Lenneth F (Sword) Thumb Lenneth F (Sword) Orb of Choosing
Lenneth Thumb Lenneth Orb of the Warmaiden
Lenneth Thumb Lenneth Orb of the Valkyrie (Modified)
Leone Thumb Leone Orb of a Mercenary Woman
Lezard Thumb Lezard Orb of Obsession
Little Match Girl Alice Thumb Little Match Girl Alice Orb of Flickering
Liu Thumb Liu Orb of Thieves (Modified)
Loki Thumb Loki Orb of the Fire Deity
Lucia Thumb Lucia Orb of a Mermaid
Lucian Thumb Lucian Orb of the Lily of the Valley
Malvina Thumb Malvina Orb of a Queen+
Marge Thumb Marge Orb of Thirst
Master Loki Thumb Master Loki Orb of Ritual Fire
Maximillian Thumb Maximillian Orb of a Father+
Maya Thumb Maya Orb of a Commander
Mercurius Thumb Mercurius Orb of a Mimic
Milla Thumb Milla Orb of the Great Spirits
Mystina Thumb Mystina Orb of a Magical Prodigy
Myuria Thumb Myuria Orb of a Widow
Nachi Thumb Nachi Orb of a Shrine Maiden+
Naga Thumb Naga Orb of the White Serpent
Nelja Thumb Nelja Orb of Freedom
Norn Thumb Norn Orb of Fate
Odin Thumb Odin Orb of the Supreme Deity
Peppo Thumb Peppo Orb of Duality
Priestess Thumb Priestess Orb of the Clergy
Primrose Thumb Primrose Orb of a Dancer
Progenitor God Sephiroth Thumb Progenitor God Sephiroth Orb of Dragon Dreams
Qilin Thumb Qilin Celestial Beast Orb
Queen of Niflheim Hel Thumb Queen of Niflheim Hel Orb of Chill
Queen of Winter Hrist Thumb Queen of Winter Hrist Orb of Avatamsaka
Ranvald Thumb Ranvald Orb of Artificiality+
Rebecca Thumb Rebecca Orb of the Forest's Daughter
Reimi Thumb Reimi Orb of the Vice-Captain
Ringabel Thumb Ringabel Orb of Amnesia
Rinne Thumb Rinne Orb of Eternity
Rita Thumb Rita Orb of the Wolfling Orphan
Rudolph Thumb Rudolph Orb of Evil Pretenses
Rufus Thumb Rufus Orb of the Wanderer
Sacred Light Valkyrie Thumb Sacred Light Valkyrie Orb of Affinity
Sadamitsu Thumb Sadamitsu Orb of the Guard
Schierke Thumb Schierke Chthonic Orb
Scholar Mystina Thumb Scholar Mystina Orb of Wisdom
Sennah Thumb Sennah Orb of an Apprentice
Shakugan Thumb Shakugan Orb of Anima
Shiho Thumb Shiho Orb of Poetry
Silmeria Thumb Silmeria Orb of the Holy Bow
Silver-Haired Bride Thumb Silver-Haired Bride Orb of a Wife
Skuld Thumb Skuld Orb of Destiny Weaving
Snow Fairy Alice Thumb Snow Fairy Alice Orb of Frost Sprite
Snow Maiden Lenneth F Thumb Snow Maiden Lenneth F Orb of Creation Profile
Spring Goddess Norn Thumb Spring Goddess Norn Orb of Hot Spring
Summer Ailyth Thumb Summer Ailyth Orb of Tropics
Summer Alice Thumb Summer Alice Captivating Orb
Summer Freya Thumb Summer Freya Alluring Orb
Summer Hakurei Thumb Summer Hakurei Orb of First Summer
Summer Hrist Thumb Summer Hrist Orb of White Sand
Summer Ingrid Thumb Summer Ingrid Orb of Sandy Beach
Summer Lenneth Thumb Summer Lenneth Orb of Ultramarine
Summer Leny Thumb Summer Leny Orb of Leadership
Summer Lucia Thumb Summer Lucia Orb of the Ocean
Summer Silmeria Thumb Summer Silmeria Orb of Fireworks
Summer Thaila Thumb Summer Thaila Charm Orb
Summer Valkyrie Alicia Thumb Summer Valkyrie Alicia Orb of Summering
Suo Thumb Suo Orb of Demonic Parade
Supreme Deity Odin Thumb Supreme Deity Odin Orb of Tranquility
Swordfighter Kabo Thumb Swordfighter Kabo Orb of Mischief
Thaila Thumb Thaila Orb of the Waltz
Thor Thumb Thor Orb of Thunder
Transcendental Dusktide Thumb Transcendental Dusktide Orb of Blackened Azure
Transcendental Lezard Thumb Transcendental Lezard Orb of Transcendence
Tyro Thumb Tyro Orb of History
Underworld Liu Thumb Underworld Liu Orb of Falsity
Valentine Rebecca Thumb Valentine Rebecca Orb of First Love
Valentine Sennah Thumb Valentine Sennah Orb of Confession
Valkyrie Alice Thumb Valkyrie Alice Orb of Emperor Strength
Valkyrie Alicia Thumb Valkyrie Alicia Orb of the Defender
Valkyrie Aurora Thumb Valkyrie Aurora Orb of Vivid Stars
Valkyrie Ceryl Thumb Valkyrie Ceryl Orb of Godly Order
Valkyrie Thumb Valkyrie Goddess Orb
Valvalois Thumb Valvalois Orb of Red Hair+
Vargo Thumb Vargo Orb of No Pain+
Velvet Thumb Velvet Orb of the Therion
Victorie Thumb Victorie Orb of the Wilderness
Victory Goddess Freya Thumb Victory Goddess Freya Orb of Grace
Waraxe Kokuyō Thumb Waraxe Kokuyō Orb of Limit Breaking
Wylfred Thumb Wylfred Orb of Vengeance
YoRHa No.2 Type B Thumb YoRHa No.2 Type B Orb of a Mechanism
Yukata Maya Thumb Yukata Maya Orb of the Feast
Yuki Thumb Yuki Orb of a Doll
Yumei Thumb Yumei Lapis Gem Orb
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