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This game tends to have a lot of events going at the same time. They are usually time-limited and grindy. Usually it's best to prioritize events by how many days are left until their end, but sometimes it can be wise to skip overly-grindy events.

Descension BossesEdit

Learn more here: Descension Boss

Descension Bosses are a permanent type of event. There are several bosses in game, but only one is available at any moment. The boss changes once every 7-10 days. The name and element of the next boss are announced in news.

There are 3-4 difficulty levels for every boss to suit new and old players. The higher difficulty gives more rewards, so it's worth beating.

Players have three attempts each day to beat it (five with premium). Attempts are used only on successful clears of the stage.

Valhalla AssaultEdit

Learn more here: Valhalla Assault

Valhalla Assault is a series of monthly events. They happen at the end of each month. During it players can grind different stages and gain contribution points to get more rewards for participation. There are also several event currencies to use in exchange booth. Among main rewards are unique characters and 6-star weapons.

Tower EventsEdit

Learn more here: Tower Events

Tower-type events change every 3 weeks. They are a non-grinding type of event. Players need to clear stages by beating only one enemy - the boss of the stage - to get the stage reward. There is no reason to repeat stages unless you want to grind Hero Value for Sealstones. There are usually around 70-80 stages.

Despite being named as "tower" events they can be flavored differently, like ballroom or forest too.

The most important rewards from this type of event are Awakening Ambers and rings for leveling artifacts.

Story EventsEdit

This is the most common type of event. There are usually at least two such events active at any time. During these events players need to clear special event stages to read their stories and get event currency. Aside from stages, events usually have one or two additional features like raid bosses, extensions, mission boards and such.


This is the main focus of the events. There can be 4 different types of stages:

  • New Experience Quest - such stages exist to let players try new characters introduced in the current event. They allow you to use related heroes as support units.
  • Story stages - these stages are usually numbered and easy to clear even for players in their day 1. They give moderate rewards and are usually not worth grinding.
  • Challenge or EX stages - these up the difficulty from story stages. They are the ones for good rewards and bigger event currency drops, so they are the grindable ones. Usually players need to grind the most difficult of them they are capable to clear.
  • Superboss stages - these stages are usually whale-level challenges. Required power varies from 120k to 170k at the end of 2019. The main reward from them is usually a title. Usually they are clearable only with event characters, whale-level power accounts, or powerful accounts with working some carefully planned party composition.

Mission BoardEdit

Available with some events. They are boards with different tasks to complete. Each task gives a reward, and there are also rewards for rows or columns on the board as well as for completing the entire board. Sometimes completing a mission board will unlock another one.

Raid BossEdit

Available with some events. Clearing stages of events with raid bosses can trigger raid boss encounters at the end of the stage. Beating a raid boss nets some rewards. Among worthy rewards are Yggdrasil Branches and Bangles.

There are usually two types of raid bosses: normal and rare. Beating rare bosses 50 times gives the rarest titles in the game as it's a very grindy task and requires some sort of not-so-newbie power (but it's not whale-level and is possible for f2p-players).


Available with some events. Extensions are buffs for the party during the related event. Players get special points for clearing stages of the event which they can use to unlock extensions. Usually such buffs include: buffs for event characters, debuffs for especially hard event bosses which lower their power and can even mute their ultimate attacks, buffs for elemental defense and so on.

Treasure VaultEdit

Available with some events. It is a gameplay feature where you need to open chests with keys. Keys are bought in the event exchange booth. Each chest gives small rewards like Gold, R.Keys, Stamina Potions, XP Beads, Free Skill Marks, Hammers and Tempering Crystals. If all chests are open in the vault, players get access to the next vault. There is also a reward for completing each vault.

Exchange Booth Edit

It's nearly impossible to empty event exchange booth in most cases, so the main thing about event is to decide what you will grind for and when to stop bothering with attempts to get more. Of course, new characters and new high-rarity weapons are on the top of the list, especially at the beginning while you don't have much of both.

Here is a list of other things to look for with some explanations why they are placed in related tiers:

Must-have tier
Awakening Amber
Awakening Amber

This is an item to limit break 6* weapons. You need a lot of good weapons in this game and the better weapons you have the more power you have. So it's the most important item to get from any source you can.

Yggdrasil Branch
Yggdrasil Branch

10 Branches allow you to unlock 1 additional normal attack for one of the characters. It's easy to guess: more attacks = more damage each turn.

Nameless Hero's Memory V
Nameless Hero's Memory V

These books are used to increase a character's level cap from 85 to 99. They are not that important at the beginning, but as more characters will level up the more books you will need. They can only be gained from events.

Get-it tier
Silver Bangle
Silver Bangle

This item is used to unlock locks close to the center of the character potential board. It releases useful passive skills and lets you access further nodes of the same branch on board. At the beginning just know: they're something to make your characters stronger and you will need them after a few weeks in the game.

Gold Bangle
Gold Bangle

This item is similar to the Silver Bangles. The main difference is that Gold Bangles are used for locks further from the center, so just getting to these locks isn't easy and takes a lot of resources. You are safe to ignore them at the beginning.

Key of Guidance
Key of Guidance

This item is used to sublimate a character. Basically you use it to rebirth any character who gets to lvl99 to raise their stat cap and get higher stats for them via Soul Sublimation. As getting to 99 takes a lot of time (and this item is often in the list of available rewards), this isn't an item to hunt from the beginning.

ESword-Holy Blessing
Enchant swords

There can be 4* swords with names like ESkill among rewards. These swords allow you to give characters enchant skills and level them. There are a lot of different skills and they are useful. Moreover, if you miss these items there may be no chances for a long time to get the same skill again.

Legendary Rainbow Stone Legendary Rainbow Stone

These stones are necessary to evolve 6* weapons into legendary LE 7* weapons. You need 40 stones to evolve one weapon. Not all 6* weapons can be evolved (as a rule free event weapons and old 6* weapons can't, but most Valhalla Assault weapons can be).

LE weapons are currently the most powerful in the game, so they are worth getting. But aside stones you need to have an evolvable 6* weapon at max level with max leveled skill. Basically you need to get by any means at least 5 copies of said 6* weapon which in itself isn't an easy task. As a beginner you can be sure an opportunity to LE any weapon won't come soon, but this item is very important for end-game players. It can be wise to start collecting them early but you can skip one or two to become stronger first.

White Blue 6 Unique
6* Orbs

Unique 6* Orbs are good rewards. They have unique skills and often unique rune power, so are pretty useful, especially at the beginning. Later you will be able to grind Seraphic Gates which can drop 7* orbs which are better in general, but it's a very rare drop and requires a lot of AP per attempt, so unique 6* orbs will be helpful for pretty long time.

Bronze Scroll
Bronze Scroll

This is one of the possible items to level enchant skills of characters. Leveling skills is costly, but will worth it from around middle game.

Iron Ring
Iron/Bronze/Wooden Rings

These rings are used to level up artifacts. There is a monthly Valhalla Assault event where you can exchange Odin coins from the event into artifacts. These artifacts usually come at lvl 1 and need to be leveled before you would be able to offer them to Odin and get corresponding character. If you have artifacts to level you may want to get the rings. But know this: Odin coins are too precious to spend on rings, and monthly tower-type events have them as rewards too, so there is a high chance you will have more rings than you ever need after several months in the game.

As-you-need-them tier
Marks for Free Skills

Marks are used to grant weapon a Free Skill if it has a slot for such skill. If you have a powerful weapon it's a good idea to boost its power even more with a free skill.

Gold Ticket
Divine Weapon Ticket: Gold

These tickets are used only on one banner. You need 5 tickets to pull a 5*+ weapon which makes them very valuable at the beginning of the game. After some time you will acquire a lot of 6* weapons and 5* weapons will be irrelevant, but at the start it's a good way to boost your power.

Sword Hammer 5

Hammers are items to increase level of the weapon, so you will need a lot of them during your game. There are ways to get them beside exchanging in the events: Daily Quests or random drop in some events. But you still can consider high-star hammers to exchange for if you have some weapon which currently need more levels.

Small Stamina Potion
Stamina Potions

AP aka Stamina determines how many times you can run a dungeon. you can't grind if you don't have some potions in your bag.

Silver Scroll
Silver Scroll

As Bronze Scrolls, Silver Scrolls are used to level enchant skills. But only those skills which are granted via 6* weapons, so they tend to be needed not so often.

Awakening Garnet
Awakening Garnet

Item required to limit break 7* weapons. As there is most likely no way for you will get second copy of the same LE weapon (too costly and even if you get it it's better to use as LE than to fuse it), Garnet is the only way to limit break LE. But as mentioned above it's not easy to get LE in the first place, so Garnets are a long way from the time you will need them.

At the same time 1 LE needs 5 Garnets to be fully limit broken, so it's wise to store 5 of them for future use.

Gold Scroll
Gold Scroll

Same as Bronze and Silver Scrolls. Gold Scrolls are used for enchant skills. Skills which require them are limited and rare. This places them low in this list.

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