Divine Transfer is the PvP Arena, where you compete with other players randomly for rewards. It also hosts Tyr's Battle Arena, which is a series of PvP competitions that are only open for about a week each month. A PvP week goes from Monday 23:00 to next Monday 22:59.

It is generally worth sending some extra characters to fight in even if you don't do well, because you gain bonus XP based on your Divine Rank while characters are gone, and Daily Missions often ask you to send characters to fight in PvP 6 times. It is important to note that you cannot use characters, weapons, or orbs that are transferred in other parties while they are gone.

Rainbow Keys are used to send characters to fight. The number used depends on your Divine Rank, which is a measure of how much success you have had in PvP in the past. Rainbow Keys can be obtained by searching in quests, from login rewards, from event booths, etc. Don't worry too much about farming them - you will typically find yourself overflowing with them soon enough, even if you PvP often.

Divine Rank Keys Per Character
5-16 1
2-4 2
1+ 3

Rank RewardEdit

There is typically a delay in rewards of up to a day or two while results are calculated. You will receive them in your mailbox once calculated.

Rank Weekly Reward
1-100 x1 ★5 Awakening Pearl

x5 Divine Weapon Ticket Silver
x5 Medium Stamina Potion

101-300 x1 ★5 Awakening Pearl

x3 Divine Weapon Ticket Silver
x3 Medium Stamina Potion

301-500 x1 ★5 Awakening Pearl

x1 Divine Weapon Ticket Silver
x3 Medium Stamina Potion

501-1000 x1 ★4 Awakening Jade

x1 Divine Weapon Ticket Silver
x2 Medium Stamina Potion

1001-3000 x1 Divine Weapon Ticket Silver

x1 Medium Stamina Potion
x4 Small XP Bead

3001-5000 x1 Divine Weapon Ticket Silver

x3 Small Stamina Potion
x3 Small XP Bead

5001-9000 x2 Small Stamina Potion

x2 Small XP Bead

9001 and up x1 Small Stamina Potion

x1 Small XP Bead

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