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Daily missions are challenges that can be completed every day to earn 20 Gems each. Missions are different each day of the week and are drawn from the following pool.


Divine Transfer or Tyr's Battle Arena 1/3/5 times (闘神の戦庭挑戦回数1/3/5回以上達成)[]

Divine Transfer or Tyr's Battle Arena once during the day. There are also missions for using Divine Transfer 3 and 5 times in a day, which will give you Small Perfect Spheres as a reward.

Complete any quest 5 times (クエストを5回クリア)[]

Descension Bosses count as a quest for the purposes of this mission, as do the short missions from the monthly Tower Events. The only things that do not appear to count are Seraphic Gates.

Synthesize a total of 10 Weapons (武器強化で合計10個合成)[]

You can enhance a single weapon with 10 items in a single upgrade, and it will count. Evolving and limit breaking items does not count for this. Remember that you can get 3 Tempering Stones daily from the Friend Point Shop, which will help you reach the 10 items. Others can come from Daily Quests or event booths.

Synthesize a total of 10 Orbs (オーブ強化で合計10個合成)[]

As with the 'Synthesize 10 Weapons' mission, this can be done with a single 10-item enhancement. You can get three Orbs of Ash to enhance with daily from the Friend Point Shop, and you can stock up on orbs in general in the Seraphic Gate. Event booths also commonly have Orbs of Ash for enhancing.

Perform a 20-hit Combo (20コンボを達成)[]

Perform a 20-hit combo. Simple and straightforward and should not be an issue for most players, but if you are very new you may need to rely on a Support Character that has a high attack count to be able to get it done. Another way to raise combo count is to use weapon Action Skills that affect all enemies at once.