Daily Dungeons Seraphic Gates Daily Missions

Daily Dungeons are meant for gathering weapon-enhancing fodder or gold. You can access them by pressing the green button on the main menu, and then selecting the appropriate banner from the ones shown here. The dungeons switch over to the next day at midnight UST, so the current day in-game may be different than the day where you live.

There are multiple levels of difficulty for each quest, and you cannot explore or rest during a daily dungeon. There are also "Free Quests" that appear each day, and they cannot be explored or rested in. Finally, Seraphic Gates have been added to the game, and serve as another type of daily rewards system for earning orbs and large amounts of XP.

Monday Small Swords Monday Dungeon
Tuesday Bows Tuesday Dungeon
Wednesday Heavy Swords Wednesday Dungeon
Thursday Staffs Thursday Dungeon
Friday Gold Friday Dungeon
Saturday All Swords Saturday Dungeon
Sunday Bows and Staffs Sunday Dungeon