Character potential boards are massive and each character has a somewhat unique one. It's impossible for me to document them all, but this will serve as a quick and dirty guide for you to reference Japanese characters with so you can work towards what you want. All kanji will be in large text to make them more easily distinguished.

If you find something that you can't work out from below, post a screenshot and describe the part of the screenshot you'd like translated. Screenshots can be posted in the comments below without needing to register for a wiki account.

The Basics Edit

Character Potential Board Unlock

Each character now has a large assortment of new abilities and stat boosts that can be gained by unlocking nodes on a massive character board. You can access the board by clicking the round button next to their portrait when in a party.

Each node takes specific items to unlock. Most of them use Vials of Color, which are earned through Character Potential Bosses. There are different sizes of vial, with the bigger ones unlocking higher-tier rewards, and there are several different colors. A few require Mirror Shards to unlock, which are gained by selling 3*-6* weapons at the item shop.

The best rewards, such as a permanent increase in number of attacks, require Yggdrasil Branches or Talismans to unlock. Yggdrasil Branches are available via some events, and Talismans are available via gachas. Each weapon type has a different Talisman. These gate certain branches of the tree from being opened.

This image shows what a partially-unlocked tree looks like. To unlock an available node, simply select it. The dialog box to the right will show up. Tap the required materials from the bottom frame if you have enough, then click はい to confirm.

Index of Potential Skills Edit

Note: Read these carefully, character by character! Several of these have the same character in them, but mean different things.

Skills Edit

Japanese English
攻撃力+ Physical Attack (RED)
魔力+ Magic Attack (YELLOW)
防御力+ Physical Defense (BLUE)
抗魔力+ Magic Defense (PURPLE)
全能力上限+ Raises cap for all stats
攻撃回数+1 Extra Attack
クリティカル率+ Critical Rate
クリティカル威力+ Critical Strength
物理ガード率+ Guard %
キャラアシスト+1 Character Assist Slot +1
武器アシスト+1 Weapon Assist Slot +1
_属性威力+ Deal more damage from element
_属性耐性+ Take less damage from element

Elements Edit

Japanese English