Battle UIEdit

Battle 01

1. Character Icon

This shows all characters participating in the battle. Tapping the icons performs a normal attack.

Battle 02 Battle 03 The number in the lower left corner of the character portrait is their remaining number of attacks for the turn.The icon to the right of the skill is the number of times you can use your main weapon's action skills.
Battle 04 Battle 06 If you are suffering from a status effect or benefiting from a buff, it will show in the upper left corner of the character portrait.

2. Party HP Gauge

Total party HP. Unlike most games, the party's HP is treated as a pool. Rather than a single character dying when their HP reaches zero, all characters will die if the party HP gauge reaches zero.

3. Targeted Enemy's HP Gauge

Battle 05 Battle 07

If a buff, debuff, or status effect is applied to the enemy, it is displayed to the right of their HP gauge.

4. Combo Count

The total number of hits in the current combo.

5. Purification Gauge

The purification gauge rises as you attack. When it fills up, the number in the lower right (amount of purification attacks available) will increase by one.

6. Support Characters

The icon of your friend's favorite character, whose skills you can use in battle. Alternatively, this can be your own character, if you have your support slot placed somewhere in the main party.

7. Target Enemies You can change your target at any point in battle. Your current target will have a blue ring of light beneath them.

8. Auto Battle

You can toggle auto battle by selecting this button. In this mode, characters will not used skill/purification to attack. If you are currently under the effects of the Premium System, you can autobattle at up to 3x speed and can set it to overattack during auto battling.

9. Pause Button

By tapping, you can open the pause menu. From the pause menu, you can retire from battle or change options.


Attack Types

All attacks are one of three types:

Increases Damage Decreases Damage Guard
Physical Attack Physical Attack Physical Defense Physical Guard
Magical Attack Magical Attack Magical Defense Magical Guard
Specials Physical and Magical Attack Physical and Magical Defense Physical Guard

Attack Characteristics

Some attacks will Up launch or Down slam enemies. Launched enemies will float in the air briefly, and slammed enemies will lie prone for a moment. Attacking a launched enemy can generate experience crystals, and attacking a slammed enemy can generate treasure crystals.

Attack Element

An attack's element is determined as follows:

  1. If the attack has an element assigned to it, it will be the attack's element.
  2. If your main weapon has an element, normal attacks will be of that element.
  3. If you activate a weapon's action skill, its element will match the element of the action skill (if different from that of the weapon itself).


When guarding, damage taken is reduced by half. You can guard against both physical and magical attacks. A character's guard rate determines how often this will randomly occur - you have no control over when it happens. If you keep attacking a guarding enemy you can break their guard, or you can stop attacking for a few seconds to make them lower their guard. In that case, you may lose your combo.


Purifying Gauge

The purification gauge rises as you attack. It will gradually lower if you are not attacking during your turn, and returns to zero at the end of each battle. When it fills up, the number in the lower right (amount of purification attacks available) will increase by one. This gauge can go up to four attacks - they will always be used at once, so you cannot save a portion of them for another turn. Using a purification attack will return the gauge to zero.

Purification Attack

Purification attacks will be activated in the order of your party members. Example: If you only have two uses of the purification attack, only your first two characters will activate their purification attacks. For this reason, it is advisable to place your strongest party members first in the party arrangement screen.


Overkill is damage that exceeds the enemy's HP, indicated by the red area of their HP gauge after death. Crystals that appear while overkill are more effective than usual, so it pays off to use the rest of your characters' attacks on the last enemy of the battle.


The combo number rises with each hit, and will reset with inaction. Crystal generation increases as the combo count rises.

XP and Treasure CrystalsEdit

XP and treasure crystals will increase the amount of experience or gold gained after battle. Attacking a launched enemy produces XP crystals, and attacking downed enemies produces treasure crystals. Crystals appearing while overattacking an enemy have a larger effect than usual.

Action SkillsEdit

Every weapon has an action skill. Some can be used multiple times, as shown by the number of pink chevrons on the right-hand side of a character's portrait. You can also use a friend's action skill.


You can select a backup player before beginning each battle. If you are friends with a player, you can use their action skill more often. Filling the heart beside their name on the friends list will make them appear on your list more often.


There are five elements:

Fire Ice Lightning Holy Dark
Fire Ice Lightning Holy Dark

Each element is weak to one element strong against another. Superior attacks will display as red damage. Weaker attacks will display in grey. You will deal extra damage to enemies of the weaker element. Enemies will not deal extra damage to you if they are of the superior element, but you will deal less damage to them.

Ice > Fire > Lightning > Ice

Holy < > Dark

Status EffectsEdit

Negative Status Effects

Poison Poison
Poison causes damage at the end of each turn.

Freeze Freeze
While frozen, your number of attacks is reduced by half.

Paralysis Paralyze
While paralyzed, normal attacks and weapon skills have a 50% chance to fail.

Curse Curse
While cursed, normal attacks and action skills will damage you by a fixed amount.

Stone Petrify
While petrified, you cannot attack, use action skills, or guard.

Blind Blind
While blinded, outgoing damage is reduced.

Seal Seal
While sealed, you cannot use action skills.

Status Effect Recovery

You can recover from status effects by:

  • Ending combat.
  • Using recovery skills. Not every weapon that heals you will also remove status effects, and some will only remove specific effects.
  • A chance to remove the status effect at the end of each turn.

Buffs and DebuffsEdit

Buff Debuff
Physical Attack PhysAtkUp PhysAtkDown
Physical Defense PhysDefUp PhysDefDown
Magical Attack MagAtkUp MagAtkDown
Magical Defense MagDefUp MagDefDown

For each category, only the most recent type affecting you is applied. For example, if you had a 20% attack power buff, then an enemy inflicted a 20% attack power debuff, you would lose the buff and only keep the 20% debuff.

Ending Buffs and Debuffs

Buffs and debuffs can be removed:

  • At the end of combat
  • After a certain number of turns

Auto BattleEdit

You can tap the auto battle button to automatically battle. Auto battle will not activate your support character's skills or purification attacks. You cannot manually use weapon action skills while auto battling, though you can use your friend's skills. Auto battle is generally only recommended when you are overpowered for the area, as the AI used for it is not the smartest.

Battle ResultsEdit

The combat results screen will show you the amount of character experience and gold acquired, as well as the amount of XP and treasure crystals and the amount and types of treasure chests acquired.


You are defeated if your party HP reaches zero. You can choose to continue to fight by using gems, or you can choose to require. Continuing will fully recover your HP and remove any status effects, buffs, and debuffs. The enemy's HP and status effects will remain.

Retiring will result in losing the treasure chests you accumulated, but any XP and gold you won will be kept.

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