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Awakened Valkyrie Alice is a playable character that can be obtained by offering the artifact Obsidian Shield to Odin. It can be obtained from limited-time gacha banners.

Story Edit

Alice awakened by the power of Olve's cells. A true Valkyrie.
~ In-game profile

Gameplay Edit

White Cadence of the Soul
Greatly increase Attack and damage dealt by Dark attacks.
Green Power of Apparition
Increases the power of Blood Ash, and turns into Blood Bane at Lv.5.
Purple Release Curse
[All] Greatly increase all stats of all allies, and increase damage done by Dark Attacks.
Party Skill DI.Dance
Physical Dark
Nibelung Valesti
Lskill Limited Skill: Rain Dance
From turn 3 onwards, increase own Dark Action Skill damage. Can only be used for 1 turn per battle.
Recharge: 0
Eskill Silver Enchant Skill: Dark Blessing
For 1 turn, increase normal attack damage of user's Dark attacks by 30%. Can only be used twice per battle.
Recharge: 1Scrolls: Silver

Name Type Ele. Dir. Hits
Skull Breaker Physical Neutral Forward 2
Jack Step Physical Neutral Forward 3
Blood Bane Physical Dark Down 6
Jack Step Physical Neutral Forward 3
Blood Bane Physical Dark Down 6
Default Attacks 3

Exclusive Orb: Orb of Black Flowers
Level 99 stats
HP Phys. Atk. Mag. Atk. Phys. Def. Mag. Def.
7678 4377 1239 1340 1134
Dark Fairy Force Omni Dark Fairy Force Omni
Increase dark damage dealt by normal attacks.


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